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CJ FoodVille ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ Opening Press Conference

  • Monday, July 4, 2016, 4:50 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
CJ FoodVille held a press conference for opening ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ at COEX Mall, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The event is prepared for informing the features of the store and introducing the future developing way by CJ FoodVille, which will open its complex dining space CJ FoodWorld on July 5 at COEX Mall. Many officials from CJ FoodVille, Jung Mun-mok CEO, Bae Eun Head of Business Management Department, Shin Jong-hun Director of Global Business, Kim Jun-sung Head of Business Strategy Department, Jeon Sang-uk Director of Concession, attended the event.

Jung Mun-mok said, “It is pleased to show capability of CJ FoodVille’s complex dining space business at COEX Mall, and I hope that customers will enjoy differentiated value of food culture.” And “As complexation business of dining brand is the organization of core competencies and future of CJ FoodVille, it will consistently lead a new dining culture and finally become a global dining business representing Korea.”

▲ The press conference that informs opening of ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ is held.

▲ Jung Mun-mok said, “Business capability of CJ FoodVille will be also shown at COEX Mall.”

According to the announcement on the day, ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ is a new store introduced after Cheil Jedang Center, IFC Mall, and China Lido, and its scale is about 1,984 square meter.

To provide more diverse experiences to customers, its distinctive feature is ‘Urban Healing Space’ concept. Especially, many plants and trees are used for the interior spaces to create eco-friendly space. They let visitors feel sensitivity and comfort of life even in the center of city.

In ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall,’ total seven brand stores entered; ‘SeasonsTable,’ ‘VIPS My Pick,’ ‘bibigo,’ ‘Cheiljemyunso,’ ‘Bangkok9,’ ‘Chinafactory Express,’ ‘Twosome Place.’ Each brand meets customers in the new way by changing the original brand. For example, in case of ‘VIPS My Pick,’ it is composed of casual dining corners that customers can choose various salad, which is changed new daily, and grill menu.

Besides, a separate space for displaying devices of a sound specialized brand Onkyo, which is a developing domestic business by CJ E&M, is prepared. Also, compared to the original complex dining spaces, another characteristic of ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ is to provide more various experiences, such as providing healing theme music that is carefully selected through Mnet’s music curation service.

With entering the COEX Mall, CJ FoodVille revealed its ambition that it will naturally expose CJ FoodVille brands to foreigners who visit for various purposes, such as not only foreign tourists but also foreign buyers and business customers, so that it can pave the way for them to pay attention to Korean food culture and finally it will expand the base of overseas expansion.

▲ The scale of ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ is about 1,984 square meter.

▲ Each store meets customers in the new way by changing the original brand.

▲ ‘CJ FoodWorld at COEX Mall’ is the fourth store of the brand ‘CJ FoodWorld.’

▲ Seven brands that are optimized to the COEX Mall entered

Meanwhile, on the event, the business strategy of CJ FoodVille is also revealed. It defined that it will apply premium strategy based on cost-effectiveness to each brand, and lead the market as well as pursuing differentiated strategy from other brands in domestic.

Next, in global sector, it intensively fosters the brands, ‘bibigo,’ ‘Tous Les Jours,’ and ‘Twosome Place’, focusing on China, Southeast Asia, and the US. With accelerating China expansion strategy, ‘Tous Les Jours’ plans to open total 1,600 stores abroad until 2020, and ‘Twosome Place’ also announced that it will strengthen global brand power by establishing 1,150 stores around China until 2020. ‘bibigo’ announced its plan to become Korean cuisine globalization brand representing Korea with opening 300 stores around Chinese and American market until 2020.

▲ Business strategy of CJ FoodVille is revealed on the day.

▲ It showed its ambition to grow into global TOP 10 dining specialized company until 2020.