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Tencent Cloud hosts game industry summit in Japan

  • Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 9:19 am
  • ACROFAN=PRNewswire

The China-based cloud services provider gives detailed introduction of its cloud gaming solution to Japanese game professionals

TOKYO, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 19, 2019, Tencent Cloud held a game industry summit in Japan, at which the company's Japan team gave a detailed presentation of its cloud gaming solution. The event brought together over 100 professionals from the Japanese game sector.

Cloud gaming represents the next trend in the game industry as users can play a cloud-based game by simply clicking on the application without downloading, installing and configuring the game. With the ongoing sophistication of GPU servers, virtualized technology, audio and video decoding, as well as network and edge computing technology, the mass roll-out of cloud-based games can be expected to happen quite soon.

In August 2019, Tencent Cloud officially released its cloud gaming solution allowing a number of game developers and platforms in China to provide users with a methodology for playing cloud-based games.

"Japan's game sector is taking the lead worldwide as a result of the expertise that they have already developed in this domain," said Zhao Jiannan, general manager of Tencent Cloud for Northeast Asia, "With our cloud gaming solution, we expect to work with Japanese game firms to create games that deliver a better user experience as well as more ways that the game can be played."

One-time integration helps enhance the efficiency of game development

Game developers are looking for quick technology integration in an industry that is constantly and rapidly evolving. By leveraging Tencent's heavily optimized video transmission technology Tencent-RTC, Tencent Cloud's cloud gaming solution supports multiple devices, including PCs, mobile phones and tablets. Without needing to customize the software development kit, it enables game developers to reduce developing time and costs. The solution enables the launch of a cloud game within three days of completion of its development.

In addition, the solution enables the seamless update of games by allowing game content providers to update the version of games through the Tencent Cloud console while assuring that players use the latest version by default.

The intelligent bitrate control ensures an outstanding game experience

Tencent Cloud is the global leader in audio and video transmission technology. Based on Tencent's intelligent dynamic coding technology which, to date, only has a Chinese name and translates into English roughly as "Alum Extreme Speed HD", terminals can capture higher definition images at a lower bitrate in the cloud game scenario. Tencent Cloud's cloud gaming solution supports the intelligent bitrate ranging from 2Mbps to 8Mbps in the cloud game scenario with a definition of 720p and a frame rate of 60fps

In addition, with Tencent Cloud's network control algorithm and error recovery mechanism, the image on the user's end will not be affected even in the event of network disruption.

Tencent Cloud's cloud game solution can be implemented in multiple scenarios

With the arrival of the era where 5G technology has been put into commercial use, and the significant improvement in the rate of data transmission from the cloud to terminals, the use case scenarios of cloud-based games will increase and the methods by which games are played will become more intelligent. For example, higher precision marketing will be achieved by placing ads through real-time analysis of game content.

Tencent Cloud's cloud gaming solution can be implemented in multiple scenarios, including game distribution, ad-based free trials and live streaming. Tencent Cloud has also collaborated with major peripheral manufacturers to allow users to play games on both PCs and mobile phones with a gamepad. Earlier, the firm formed a partnership with well-known game equipment manufacturer Razer whereby Razer will create certified gamepads for cloud-based games.

Tencent Cloud has achieved rapid growth in Japan since its official entry into the market this July by providing services to many customers in a variety of industries there, including games, live streaming, manufacturing, retail, tourism and online-to-offline (O2O). In addition, the company is continuing its expansion in the market by further broadening its network of local agents and partners.