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FashionN Dressing Table Season 2 Broadcast Press Conference

  • Monday, September 5, 2016, 2:18 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
The press conference celebrating broadcasting of ‘Dressing Table Season 2,’ which is the beauty battle program of FashionN, women’s channel affiliated with Tcast, is held at Cinecube Gwanghwamun in theater one on September 5.

On September 8, Thursday, at 9:00 p.m. ‘Dressing Table Season 2’ is hosted by three MCs, Korean wave star ‘Han Chae-yeong’, a member of Super Junior ‘Lee Teuk’, and a member of AfterSchool ‘Lizzy’.

In season 2, Han Chae-yeong, women’s forever wanna-be and Barbie doll who caught Korea and even China, gets the main MC like season 1. Lee Teuk, who cleanses his face in 5 steps and finishes perfume layered in 3 steps, will provide support as a beauty tip preacher for men. Also, it is a point to see how attractive idol, Lizzy, who will provide fun with her distinctive attraction, grows up as a beauty mentor from beauty dream tree.

▲ FashionN’s beauty battle program, ‘Dressing Table Season 2’ officially announced its broadcasting.

▲ With Han Chae-yeong as a main MC, the combination of Lee Teuk and Lizzy explodes chemistry. It was great even from the press conference.

▲ At the event, Lee Teuk showed off his witty words and hosting talents by saying, “It feels more like talk show than press conference.”

Based on the concept of bringing a miracle to the dressing table, ‘Dressing Table Season 2’ is progressed in the form of a spectacular beauty battle show by the best makeup and hair beauty masters in Korea. Through a mission of completing makeup and hair in 20 minutes by using the star’s real beauty products on the dressing table, viewers can have fun and feel tension at the same time. Besides, it is projected as a total beauty program that introduces the star’s beauty tips and trend information all together through star’s self-camera.

FanshionN Kim Hyun-a PD showed her confidence by saying, “We started season 2, since viewers loved season 1 very much. The combination of the program’s mascot, Han Chae-yeong, and newly joined Lee Teuk and Lizzy is funnier than expected, so we look forward to season 2.” And, “Like people who have been working many seasons, we worked hand in glove. You can expect much better season 2 than season 2.”

▲ Coming back to season 2, the program became a total beauty program where women and men can all enjoy together.