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The Main Structure Construction of the Aquatic Center for the World University Games Chengdu Has Finished Recently

  • Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 10:26 am
  • ACROFAN=PRNewswire

CHENGDU, China, March 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dong'an Lake Sports Park is the main venue for World University Games Chengdu 2021, which is the first international multi-sport event holding in Chengdu and western China. To get to know more about Chengdu, please visit

On March 18, Chengdu Dong'an Lake Sports Park project brings us a piece of good news with its ahead-of-schedule completion of the main structure construction of the aquatic center for World University Games. According to the Organizing Committee of the 31st FISU Summer World University Games Chengdu, the steel structure construction of the roof has been completed with the water-proof sealing also finished.

Dong'an Lake Sports Park has "one stadium and three indoor arenas". The stadium with 40,000 seats will hold the opening and closing ceremonies; the 18,000-seat multi-functional indoor arenas will host the gymnastics events; the 4,500-seat aquatic center will be the venue for swimming events, and the small arena will function as the place for gymnastics training. With a total floor area of about 200,000 square meters, the project began in October 2018 and is expected to be completed by February 2021.

The three indoor arenas are three square buildings linked together organically by a large square. They are connected with the circular main stadium through outdoor exhibition areas, sunken squares and hydrophilic platforms, representing the traditional Chinese concept of "harmonious coexistence" and the ancient idea of "round sky and square earth".

With a building area of about 90,000 square meters and a height of 44.3 meters, the multi-functional arena can compare with Cadillac Arena in volume. The arena can hold various events. Besides holding the events of the World University Games, it can also be the venue for 16 indoor sports. To better serve multiple purposes, the arena is equipped with movable stands which can adjust the number of seats according to demand. The arena has 20 large beam-type cantilever whirlwind staircases with a span of 13.5m and a length of about 80m, leading directly to the roof from the large outdoor platform. Seen from a distance, they are stacked like a dragon winding up, showing a dynamic temperament.

The multi-functional arena adopts prefabricated eco-friendly water boards as the stands, which can improve the sense of the quality of the arena with the smooth surfaces, neat edges and corners, and uniform color.With the completion of the main structure construction, the installation processes of electromechanicals, metal roofs, curtain walls and the decorative process of the three stadiums will start.

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