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Farewell Ceremony of 5th President & Inauguration Ceremony of 6th President of Korea Franchise Industry Association

  • Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 3:30 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Korea Franchise Industry Association (President Park Gi-yeong) hosted 'Farewell Ceremony of 5th President & Inauguration Ceremony of 6th President' at Yeouido Conrad Hotel, Seoul, on the evening of January 10, with 400 people from all walks of life celebrating.

On the day of the ceremony, Lee Hyeon-jae of Saenuri Party, Jeon Hyeon-hui of The Minjoo Party, Jung Byeong-guk of The Bareun Party, Hong Ji-man, Jung Du-eon, Choi Jae-sung who are ex-members of the National Assembly, Bae Guk-hwan, who is an ex-vice minister of Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Jegal Chang-gyun, who is a president of Korea Foodservice Industry Association, and Park Gyeong-sil, who is a president of Federation of Service Industries, attended to celebrate. In addition, CEOs from related organizations, academia, media, and franchisees shared the event with hopeful signals.

▲ The 5th president Cho Dong-min said that he has laid the foundations for global advance while looking back on his tenure.

▲ The 5th president Cho Dong-min took charge of the ceremony handing over the association flag to the new president.

▲ The 6th president Park Gi-yeong announced office innovation and successful business support of its members as major goals.

▲ The order to appoint new heads of the committee under the association proceeded.

▲ The appointment of new members to the key positions of the association proceeded.

▲ The order to present appreciation plaque to the former president of the association proceeded.

Photo Zone Corner where participants gave roses to the 5th president and 6th president and conveyed the wishes and appreciations attracted attention.

Besides, a video with the theme of 'footsteps of 5th president' and 'wishes to 6th president' was screened before and after this event. It was also a time to listen to the achievements and activities of president Cho Dong-min for the past four years, and the directions and blueprints revealed by the new president Park Gi-yeong. The video of the association's wishes and affectionate interviews doubled impressions of industry officials.

At the farewell ceremony, Cho Dong-min said, "It was time to inform the proper function of the franchise and to do our best to earn the fair evaluation of the industry." And, "As the new president Park Gi-yeong, who will sail Korean Franchise Industry Association out, loves industry more than any others and has knowledge, philosophy about franchise industry and reasonable judgment and outstanding leadership, I believe that the industry and association could leap ahead." He also said, "I would like to thank for your support so far and I look forward to such a day when children and grandchildren are proud of their franchise."

Through the inauguration ceremony, Park Gi-yeong said, "I send my heartfelt gratitude and applause to president Cho Dong-min, who has been ensuring internal stability of the franchise industry by working day and night for development of association and industry with passion, service and sacrifice spirit for the last four years, and finally made great contribution in boosting the presence, built momentum of the new industry development, and now successfully retires." Also, he expressed his ambition, "For improvement of the image of the franchise industry and continuous growth development, I will accumulate more trust assets, devote efforts more actively for global advance, and innovate the role and function of the association secretariat for becoming a more profitable association to association members."

Meanwhile, the first part of the event was concluded after the association flag transfer ceremony, the appointment ceremony of the 6th executive committee, the commemoration ceremony of the 5th president's appreciation plaque, and commemorative photographing. In the second part, dinners and celebrating performances performed by the singer Yoo Yeol and Childrens Choir praised 5th president's merits and prayed for the success of 6th president.

▲ Before the dinner, Korean industry leaders, who will build Korea franchise industry, gathered together.

▲ The officials of franchise industry hoped that the industry would take another step forward with the inauguration of the 6th president.