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World-famous photographer, Tiny Wasteland launches his first clothing collection

  • Tuesday, January 31, 2023, 8:45 pm

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The name of Péter Csákvári, a photographer of miniatures, is already known worldwide. He started creating his sarcastic mini-universe in 2016 and his images have been making headway, with tens of thousands of people asking to see his latest creations.

Photo credit: Tiny Wasteland
Photo credit: Tiny Wasteland

His project is named Tiny Wasteland and it enjoys such great popularity that even Daily Mail and the Bored Panda shared his photos. The talented Hungarian photographer worked quite a long time as a chef besides which he also took photos, and there came the idea of food photography.

As a result, his fan base grew rapidly and other magazines took notice all around the world.

At first, Peter's career started as a playful painting, but his brain never stopped and he continued to produce small, sometimes darkly humorous pictures. He could show something new with his daring art. Tiny Wasteland's photographs respond to current issues and events, but there are also some that capture the eyes with their play of scale. He is constantly educating himself, so that nothing can stand in the way of his creativity.

He now prints his own figures with a 3D printer, has learned to build dioramas and has recently been experimenting with floraria to make his images more realistic.

He finished third place at the Sony World Photography Award, soon afterward had an exhibition in London, and took his images to the world's best-known exhibition of miniature photography in China.

Soon he was approached by global brands, including Yettel, RedBull, and Huawei, and is currently shooting a diorama for an international brand's launch of a new product.

The artist has also reached three important milestones in his life: he has been invited to Azerbaijan to create images in the image of Coffee Lea, one of the most famous coffee chains in the region, to make the interiors of all the cafés in Baku special, for a long-term exhibition. Also he has been presented in the book called Small World with the best miniature artist in the world.

In addition, his first clothing collection will debut in the first week of February in collaboration with Hungarian online store, so anyone can embrace the slightly gory, slightly kinky reality of Tiny Wasteland.

Press contact: Fruzsina Lederer,, +36309141467