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2016 Caffebene Media Conference

  • Monday, March 28, 2016, 5:37 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
On March 28, Caffebene corp. held a media conference at Caffebene, Apgujeong Galleria, and introduced a new BI(Brand Identity) and vision of 2016. At the same time, the brand’s second leap was announced, based on a turn-around plan and image improvement at the same time.

Seung-woo Choi, a representative of Caffebene, said, “We will be faithful to essentials of a coffee shop and concentrate on transparent, franchise-focused and customer-focused management. Based on stable financial infrastructure, we must build trust of franchises and push forward a strategy to grow into a loved business by customers. Until 2018, we will be the best franchise business in domestic by aiming at 30% of improvement from franchise sales and 10% of profits, being faithful to the three visions, and making stable sales infrastructure of franchises and the head office.”

▲ Already noticed as a conference which defines a take-off, a number of medias attended that there was almost no empty seat.

▲ Caffebene representative, Seung-woo Choi hosted the presentation about the current status and the future plan.

At the conference, the most important interested parties of Caffebene are defined as customer, franchise representative and employee. It is declared that the best place for providing fresh coffee, delicious dessert and fragrant culture will be pursued. It is also mentioned that the pleasant of business partners’ platform business and success opportunity are highly regarded. The three visions, providing opportunities for creation and challenge, passion and growth to employees, are introduced.

It announced its goal that it will grow into a business with 132 billion won of domestic sales, 30 billion won of foreign sales in 2018, and business profit rate in the teens through transparent management, franchise-focused management, and customer-focused management based on the visions.

It explained that it is doing its best for improvement of competitive power among domestic and foreign brands. First, on March 18, it had investment contract signing ceremony with ‘Korean wave venture’ which is a joint law of Singapore/Indonesia. And it is planning a strategy to create synergy in domestic and foreign market through strategic role sharing. On March 25, it held ‘2016 Caffebene Vision Proclamation’ with about 300 representative of franchises all over the country, and had time to assuring a leap by sharing new BI and visions. Apart from this, the behind story of attracting ‘Food Empire’ investment was also introduced.

▲ Visions and core capabilities of Caffebene are announced at the site.

▲ Short/medium-term goal and long-term goal of 2016 and 2018 are announced.

Caffebene will have competitiveness reinforcement of the three fields such as brand, executive ability and online market as its strategy direction. It is going to develop extensive innovation toward the direction.

First, for strengthening competitiveness of the brand, it has a goal of becoming a trust brand based on the new BI by improving client experience through rebirth into free sensible space where people could enjoy various cultures. Moreover, while it focuses on strengthening competitiveness of coffee, the essential of a coffee shop, it also enhances competitiveness of dessert products such as popular menu bagel or cake.

At the same time, including intensifying service education, it is preparing various executive programs for improving space value by adopting digital menu board etc. Lastly, it emphasized that, as online market is becoming important, it is intensifying brand experience on the Web and preparing membership application launching for strengthening customer loyalty and increasing accessibility.

▲ Caffebene executive director, Jae-hyeong Yang explained driving background of the new BI.

▲ It is the first official media conference since replacement of main management, so questions were mostly about current status of management.

The new BI gives an image of coffee storage, Coffee Depot. It has a meaning of free sensible space where people could enjoy various cultures related to coffee.

In addition, it expressed will to concentrate on the essential, which is coffee, by designing coffee tree on the representative logo ‘, b’ of Caffebene. It put sensitivity by using black color based on burgundy which is similar to a coffee bean. It is delivering the vision that it will provide value more than coffee by inscribing a new brand slogan ‘More than Coffee’ at the bottom.

Meanwhile, as the answer for Acrofan’s question related to factory equipment in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do, Seung-woo Choi said that policies and business plans about Yangju factory opened in July, 2014, maintain original keynote. Also, Jae-hyeong Yang answered to Acrofan’s question about signature line-up, supply of limited edition and prosecution of O2O(Online to Offline) business in offline stores, which were in fact held during 2015. He pointed out that they are the main drivers of business, and mentioned that the main business project is to raise currently 1~2% leveled market share up to 10% which is close to the store share.