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Ficosa and Panasonic to provide co-developed Interior rear-view mirror with electronic toll collection for new BMW X5 in Japan

  • Monday, March 25, 2019, 11:49 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Ficosa and Panasonic announced an agreement with BMW to provide their co-developed Interior rear-view
mirror with electronic toll collection (ETC) 2.0 for the new X5 model in Japan.

The ETC 2.0 Interior rear-view mirror, which includes an improved built-in unit for motorway tolls automatic
payment, has been selected by the German manufacturer as a standard in Japan for its new BMW X5, which
was released there on February 27th of this year. This vision solution will be developed and produced between
Japan (Panasonic) and Barcelona, Spain (Ficosa).

For this new product generation, which follows previous successful launch of co-developed electronic rear-view
mirrors and telematics control units, Panasonic develops ETC wireless communication technology while Ficosa
is in charge of the mirror technology.

In this regard, this solution, which integrates the ETC 2.0 module into the mirror, prevents the unit from
obstructing the driver’s view and makes fully inserted card to be difficult to be seen from outside thanks to its
card slot located at the side of the mirror.

A solution that integrates the know-how of Ficosa and Panasonic

Intended for the Japanese market, this rearview mirror allows to manage the payment of highway tolls due to
the integration of an electronic toll system with credit card. In that sense, the mirror has a slot to insert the credit
card and incorporates a small screen at the top that reports the amount to be paid. Mercedes Pujol, Director
of the Rearview Mirror Systems Business Unit at Ficosa, explains "this additional functionality goes beyond
the simple payment, as the mirror communicates with the toll station and is able to transmit this information to
the navigation system of the vehicle, complementing the communication vehicle-infrastructure (V2I)”.

Ficosa and Panasonic will continue to move forward with their collaborations to expand their line-up and sales of
jointly developed products for OEMs.