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Embrace Launches the First Network Monitoring Solution Built Specifically for Mobile Apps

  • Thursday, May 23, 2019, 9:26 am
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Embrace today launched network monitoring and reporting to provide its customers with transparency into application issues.

Every mobile engineering and QA team has hunches about a call or set of calls that lead to poor user experiences and drop-off. However, they are unable to prove any issues because of a lack of client-side data. Server-side APM tools, like New Relic and AppDynamics, often report that the endpoint is functioning as expected. By using Watchdog by Embrace, the endpoint is measured by how the mobile users’ experience the app, and errors and issues are uncovered that cannot be detected from the server-side.

Embrace’s new networking dashboard details a mobile app's networking performance, all in one place, surfacing top erroring and slowest calls from all the app’s APIs and third-party SDKs. Customers can easily click into any path to see all the users and sessions affected by those calls. Detailed session timelines reproduce exactly where failed calls occur in the user’s experience, and whether that user was noticeably affected.

Key features of Embrace’s Network Monitoring Dashboards include:

The ability to solve unresolved crashes for which a trace is not helpful but every single network call would resolve.
Unsampled tracking of every single network call whether 1st-party API, CDN, or 3rd-party SDK.
All network errors before they even reach the server so that no error is dropped.
Automatic insights into which calls most frequently error or are slow to help prioritize which issues to resolve first.
Clickable workflows into any domain to view every single path belonging to that domain and all the network calls in a given session.
Alerts by Slack and email on spikes in network errors to catch network outages before end users do. Know when an API changes or errors or a vendor, especially attribution or analytics, is down.
More than 15% of users have suboptimal experiences directly tied to app performance, and while many users complain of ‘crashes’, almost all of these issues are not true app crashes. Embrace's platform analyzes and replays the details of every single user session to more accurately and quickly detect, diagnose and resolve any user-impacting issues. The platform typically uncovers 5X more issues than previously known by mobile teams and app developers.

Embrace provides a comprehensive unified health and optimization platform dedicated to mobile applications, which enables businesses to make their apps more stable and faster. Its platform supports trillions of mobile events from many of the world’s most popular apps, including Home Depot, OKCupid, Boxed, Headspace, GameTime and AllTrails.

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