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Black Desert Online’s Shai Class Launches on June 26th.

  • Thursday, June 20, 2019, 4:47 pm
  • ACROFAN=Seunghee Shin
Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games have announced the release date for Shai, Black Desert Online’s 18th class.

Shai is a unique addition to the popular MMORPG, as it is the first character that focuses on support abilities and life skills. Players can already pre-create their Shai to prepare for her official launch on June 26.

To celebrate Shai’s launch, trial account holders (both old and new) can earn a free copy of Black Desert Online by reaching level 50 and by logging into the game at least seven days during the event period that starts today and ends on the 3rd of July.

Furthermore, players that pre-create their Shai this week will receive great rewards. Each player that has pre-created Shai will be awarded an exclusive accessory and in-game title, as well as several convenient items that will help players to embark on their adventure.

Shai uses Florang, a giant boomerang, as her main weapon for combat. An alchemical sub-weapon, Vitclari, is used to protect herself and allies. Due to her small size, she is fast and nimble when evading and attacking enemies. Specializing in life skills, Shai starts off with Professional levels in Alchemy and Gathering. Her major skills are:

One-Two-Three: Shai’s basic attack using the Florang, which can be thrown up to three times.

Eat This!: Shai recklessly throws her Florang in the direction she wants. This is her longest-ranged Florang skill.

Come Out, Come Out: Shai reveals hidden enemies around her using her lantern. This is an excellent skill to protect allies against Ninja and Kunoichi players but can also be useful when defeating certain powerful monsters.

Over Here!: Shai creates a shielded area that protects her allies, making it a great skill to keep your allies safe.

Play Dead: Shai pretends to be dead, which is very useful to fool her enemies into thinking she is not a threat. This skill is only effective against players; monsters will always see through this ruse.