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In-Cosmetics Korea 2016 Opening Day

  • Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 5:51 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
On the morning of July 6, ‘In-Cosmetics Korea 2016’ exhibition is opened at COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

This event is prepared for providing platforms where suppliers of ingredients produced all over the world are participated to cosmetic industry officials, and about 200 companies are participated. Especially, in this year’s exhibition, about 20% of the exhibition space is organized with new companies, so the changes in cosmetic industry can be experienced in the exhibition.

The exhibition is primarily composed of a business exhibition, innovation zone, and innovation seminar room. In each business exhibition, various ingredients of cosmetics are shown and business meetings are conducted. In innovation zone, the new effective and functional ingredients are exhibited, and demonstration space for complete products are prepared.

In innovation seminar room, an education seminar that a variety of related information is contained is progressed. In this education seminar, the stories such as market trends, regulations as well as cosmetic science techniques are presented over two days, and the extra cost for the seminar is not required to the visitors.

▲ ‘In-Cosmetic Korea 2016’ exhibition is held in COEX.

▲ About 200 companies from all over the world are participated, and 20% of them are constituted with new companies.

▲ There are a business exhibition, innovation zone, and innovation seminar room.

▲ The education seminar is presented about science technique, market trend, and regulations.

Before the opening of the event, in innovation seminar room, the press conference of ‘In-Cosmetics Korea 2016’ was held.

In the press conference, including Lucy Gillam, Director of cosmetic & jewelry portfolio in Reed Exhibition, Hong Sung-kwon, Representative of K. Fairs, Yoon Ju-taek, Chairman of International Beauty Industry Trade Association corporation, Euromonitor, Joanna Chan, beauty and fashion research Analyst, and Belinda Carli, Director The Institute of Personal Care Science are participated and introduced about the features of this event, trends of the beauty industry and etc.

Joanna Chan who explained about the trends of the beauty industry introduced, “The current trends of the beauty industry might be ‘well-being,’ using safe ingredients and seeking for naturalism, ‘ethics,’ moralizing and putting environment first, and ‘digital’ that the new distribution structures such as mobile commerce, which is popular in Asia, are applied to the beauty industry.”

Next, Belinda Cali said, “Various ingredients that help skin are continuously developed and revealed to the world.” And she introduced the cases of these ingredients.

Meanwhile, this ‘In-Cosmetics Korea 2016’ exhibition will be progressed over two days until July 7 at COEX B hall. Entrance fee is 5,000won, and online pre-registrants can get in for free.

▲ Before the opening, the press conference is held.

▲ Joanna Chan introduced about trends of the beauty industry.

▲ Belinda Cali introduced about new ingredients which show upgraded effects.