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Thinkware Platinum Blackbox INAVI QUANTUM Launching Showcase

  • Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 6:05 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
On October 5, Thinkware Corporation (CEO : Lee Heung-bok) opened a platinum blackbox, ‘INAVI QUANTUM,’ which is the result of technological integration researched and developed from the company. Opened at JBK Convention Hall in Samsung-dong, ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ has a feature of equipping a number of world firsts INAVI’s own technical skills and QHD resolution being faithful to blackbox itself.

‘INAVI QUANTUM’ will be introduced next week, and the prices will be 449,000 won for 32GB, 499,000 won for 64GB, and 599,000 won for 128GB. To customers who purchase ‘INAVI QAUNTUM’ until October 31, the company will provide introductory installation event for free. For more information, check the INAVI Home Page.

Lee Jun-pyo, Executive Vice President of Thinkware NL Business, said, “According to expansion of the premium blackbox market, the needs for black box are constantly increasing. Only the developing INAVI could be the unique brand that satisfies customers in domestics and also around the world.”

▲ Thinkware releases the world’s first 2-channel QHD blackbox ‘INAVI QUANTUM.’

‘INAVI QUANTUM,’ applying world’s first QHD resolution for both front and back, provides ultra high definition display that is four times as clear as HD display. Especially, ‘Sony Exmor R Starvis’ image sensor, which is applied to ‘INAVI QUANTUM,’ is optimized to rich colors of QHD quality, and it enhances sensitivity in low light levels so that clear images are displayed in dark environments.

‘INAVI QUANTUM’ that secures the nation’s widest viewing angle minimizes blind spots with viewing angles of 140-degree for front and 180-degree for back and records surroundings in QHD. On top of that, in dark environments where number plates are hard to be distinguished, more powerful nighttime calibration, ‘Ultra Night Vision,’ applies Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology and real-time image processing technology to implement more improved brightness in not only parking recording but also driving recording.

‘INAVI QUANTUM’ even detects sound, and provides intelligent parking recording system that detects not only shock, motion but also sound. ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ integrates world’s first INAVI’s own G-sensor and sound recognition technology, so it can record situations such as door ding that can be occurred in small spaces like parking lot by detecting a crashing sound.

▲ The biggest feature of ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ is supporting both front and back QHD recording.

▲ At the back of the front camera, display and signal lamp are positioned. The button is located at the side.

▲ At the side of the front camera, SD card slot is positioned. It supports up to maximum 128GB.

▲ The case of combination with ‘iVolt’ INAVI supplementary battery, which is a supplementary battery for blackbox, is demonstrated.

Applying the advanced options of the original car, ‘Extreme ADAS’ function of ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ is an assistance system that takes responsibility for safety and convenience. ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ provides Blind Spot Detection (BSD) function that detects posterolateral blind spots through side mirrors during lane change and warns driver of dangers. Moreover, in case of switching the car’s gear into reverse, rear-camera video is provided through LCD screen so that a driver can conveniently drive toward reverse direction. It also provides an alert to the driver when the car is being moved by not stepping on the brake during a stationary state.

Besides, it provides Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which warns the driver when the car moves out of its lane, and Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA), which informs to quickly start after the stop or waiting for the light. Warning of collision danger by recognizing a safe distance from the forward vehicle, Forward Collision warning System (FCWS) was advanced to Urban Forward Collision warning System (uFCWS), which can prevent accident during high-speed and also low-speed driving.

Reinforced compatibility with vehicle, ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ supports ‘DriveX’ that can check the vehicle checkup as well as fuel economy management. ‘DriveX’ used On-board Diagnostics (OBD II), so it is possible to manage smart vehicle diagnosis and management by informing vehicle checkup condition, battery information, sudden break, average fuel economy, and etc.

In addition, ‘INAVI QUANTUM’ chose Ambarella A12A CPU, and it supports ‘Time Lapse,’ which can save long-time parking video, ‘Format Free,’ which does not need periodic memory format, a function to prevent battery from discharging by checking the battery of car in real-time during parking mode, and a memory card of maximum 128GB.

▲ If cosmos-shaped blue lamp is glowing on the car window, it means it is recording in QHD.

▲ When watching recorded video on the rear screen or the large monitor, it is shown in the best quality.

▲ Consumers as well as automobile-related medias gathered in one place and showed great interest and response.