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H2 Interactive released ‘Bellatia,’ an Action RPG, on Steam on May 7th

  • Thursday, May 7, 2020, 4:27 pm
  • ACROFAN=Seunghee Shin
H2 Interactive officially released ‘Bellatia’ worldwide on Steam on May 7th. The game is developed by Ganitani Co., Ltd, a Korean development team, with H2 Interactive holding the worldwide publishing rights. There will be a 10% promotion for one week from its release.
* Release dates and promotion schedules may differ between regions and time zones.

Bellatia is a hack 'n' slash action role-playing game about warriors fighting over the ultimate godly weapon called the 'Bellatia' in the land of Aslan.

The dark magic wizard Khadal is trying to take over the world by collecting the power of all the heroes of the past. When the great wizard Arkreign learns of this plan, he overthrows it by locking the heroes' powers in many Bellastones and scattering them all over the world. No one knows what happened to Khadal and Arkreign afterward and the existence of the Bellastones has become a myth, dividing the warriors into two groups.

Some sought to free the Bellatia souls, while others wanted the power for themselves. However, those who couldn’t handle the power of Bellatia turned evil and wreaked havoc in the world.

A girl is the last hope for mankind and you must train the girl, interact with the bygone heroes to draw out their power, stop the evil from resurrecting, and restore peace in the world.

◆ Combat mechanics that require strategy and skills: Every boss comes with unique traits and attack patterns. Master the combat style for each weapon type and take on the enemy!

◆ Fascinating action: Enjoy fast-paced action against the hordes of monsters. The key is to keep your equipment in the best condition and use the berserker mode and Bellatia at the right time!

◆ Wide range of equipment and weapons: Upgrade various swords, spears, wands, and two-hand swords to win the battles ahead. Each weapon has its own property with unique advantages. Use them wisely.

◆ Special attacks: Use different berserker skills for each weapon. Unleash your full might onto the monsters with your Rush skill to win the battle!

Special Offer
◆ The Art of Bellatia, an official PDF sourcebook including Bellatia's artwork(44 pages in total).