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EBS Public Health Project, ‘Ah! Sunday - Miracle Running’ Press Conference

  • Monday, January 16, 2017, 9:11 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
EBS (President Woo Jong-beom) held a press conference on January 16 at Koreana Hotel in Seoul, and announced the first broadcast of ‘Ah! Sunday - Miracle Running’ on January 22, which is a health project for modern people experiencing warning signals about their health due to irregular, westernized eating habits, excessive stress and lack of exercise.

'Ah! Sunday - Miracle Running' is a program that shows final 16 challengers restoring the mind and body through a 7-week training camp and challenging a 10km course in the marathon event co-hosted by EBS and Korea Marathon Association. From January 22, it is possible to watch the program every Sunday at 9:05 pm through EBS1. It is consisted of total six episodes, which will be broadcasted every Sunday at 9:05 pm from January 22 to February 26.

▲ Lee Cheon-soo, Kim Sook, Cheong-ha, Oh Sang-jin, and Kim Dong-yeol PD (from left to right) attended to introduce the program.

The hot topics for modern people living experiencing warning signals about their health due to irregular, westernized eating habits, excessive stress and lack of exercise are the health and diet. What would be the best method to kill two birds, the health and diet, with one stone? The answer is ‘running,’ the best exercise God has ever done.

Through regular ‘running’, it is possible to maximize the power of the body organs as well as strengthening muscular strength of the whole body. In addition, it is the most economical, the best diet method without yoyo, and the best exercise for mental health such as dementia prevention and stress relief.

Among about one thousand applicants, the final 16 challengers were selected after the screening and selection match. Feeling abnormalities about their health due to obesity and mental stress, the challengers aim to complete 10km course in the marathon event co-hosted by EBS and Korea Marathon Association by recovering physical and mental health through basic physical strength training, running training and healthy diet for the 7 weeks of the training period.

From a challenger who shows signs of depression and interpersonal avoidance to a challenger who has resigned to his workplace and a challenger who put his restaurant on sale to participate in 'Miracle Running,' the greatest challenge and healthy change for their health will be presented.

On the other hand, Baek Yeong-gwang, an individualistic actor who attracted the attention of viewers as a manager of Lee Sang-min in the entertainment program, was selected as one of the final 16 people through the selection match. He expressed his aspiration to change himself, who is taking roles like ‘gangster’ and ‘village fool’ due to his appearance. The 16 challengers with various stories and journey of healthy change will be revealed.

▲ The chemistry of 4 MCs, Lee Cheon-soo, Kim Sook, I.O.I Cheong-ha, and Oh Sang-jin, is announced as a main attraction.

The four individualistic MCs will present fresh entertainment by creating unique chemistry as MCs of EBS public health project, ‘Ah! Sunday - Miracle Running.’ Kim Sook, Oh Sang-jin, Lee Cheon-soo, and I.O.I Cheong-ha will team up with challengers and experience health management methods and weight loss secrets that match each team’s characteristics together. As well as cheering for the challenge, they will also be actively engaged as friendly and warm-hearted MCs and supporters that were never seen in any health program.

Even a running exercise that anyone can easily practice is not easy for challengers due to health reasons. So, Health Avengers’ Corps of ‘Ah! Sunday - Miracle Running’ will appear to help their health care and diet and make dreams come true.

Doctor's Corps, consisting of Kim Joon-bae, Kim Si-wan, Park Sang-joon, and Choi Bo-yoon, will check the health status of the challengers and suggest characteristic diet methods for each team. The 2015 Musclemania World Championship 1st place trainer Choi Sung-wook team will take charge of basic physical exercise and diet management for weight loss. And, the special support of an Olympic gold medalist and Korea's marathoner Lee Bong-joo and customized running class by Kwon Eun-ju, Park Byeong-gwon, who was on the national team, will be presented. Thus, the performance of the Health Avengers' Corps, changing lives of the 16 challengers, can be confirmed through broadcasting.

On the other hand, challengers, who are tired of limited diet and repetitive exercises, eventually abscond and secretly buy things that they should not eat. In the end, some of them drop out. However, the friendship between the challengers with ardent minds and wills shines in this unpredictable situation, and they become another family to each other after leaving their family, creating a touching human story.

▲ The seven-week camp of 16 challengers and the positive impact that their healthy changes will have on public health are already expected. (Photo courtesy: EBS)