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Global Game Jam @ Busan 2017 Field Sketch

  • Monday, January 23, 2017, 10:53 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is internationally recognized as the world's largest game development competition. The global game jam was held at the same time all over the world for three days from January 20th to 22nd.

This year's global game jam theme was 'WAVE'. In addition, 23 diversified missions were given, giving the opportunity to compete with the team members in various types of attempts to save the big theme.

This year's diversified missions are Comic Book Color, LEGO Assembly Manual, Story of the Minstrel, Local Game, Where Are You Now?, Crowdsourcing, No Retreat at a Battlefield, Bluetooth Interlock, Custom Controller, Ostrich Belief, Gandhi Game, Put One Hand at the Back, Multi-Jam, Story Mode, Forever, Loudmouth, What Was That Just Now?, Work While Playing, Like a Child, Multi-Screen, Unanimity, Twitch Plays (Twitch sponsorship), Do You Even Care? (iThrive Games sponsorship), etc.

A total of twelve teams took the challenge to the world from Busan Metropolitan City, considering the topic 'WAVE' and various diversification missions. Under the title of 'Global Game Jam @ Busan 2017', the games that were conceptualized in the theme during the two-night and three-day event at the Korea Contents Lab in Busan Cultural Contents Complex operated by the Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency were produced and exhibited. In addition to Busan Metropolitan City, Incheon Metropolitan City, Seoul Metropolitan City, and Uijeongbu City have also produced and exhibited games in Korea in accordance with the Global Game Jam Program.

▲ The Global Game Jam Busan event was held at Busan Cultural Contents Complex sponsored by Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency.

▲ The contests were held with the world developers by using the work space and convenience facilities located in the 5th floor of Contents Korea Lab.

▲ Participants were often seen sleeping all over the venue as it was a long stay of two nights and three days.

▲ They organize teams on the spot and gather improvised skills, but their concentration is great.

▲ Since the teams are organized on the spot and the themes and missions are taken into account, meetings and discussions frequently took place.

▲ Busan Information Industry Promotion Agency is providing unstinting support for indie and community level events.