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Ttobagi Farm Family Has Come to INJE County! Where Clean Water, Air, and Mother Nature Breathe

  • Tuesday, November 3, 2020, 5:12 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Inje County (Inje-gun, hereinafter Inje), Gangwon Province, is a place to arrive in about 2-3 hours by car from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone) is located to the north and Seoraksan National Park to the east. Thus, nature is well preserved compared to Seoul and the metropolitan area.

Moreover, since Inje has the lowest population density of South Korean counties, it is famous for its clear air and water. The natural environment is the best preserved, so it is known among Koreans as the place to see the best autumn and winter scenery. The food also well expresses the traditional culture and taste of Korea, making it an attractive place for Koreans to visit during the holiday season.

To this Inje, Ttobagi Farm Family, a group of foreigners in Korea interested in domestic rural tourism and travel and active in SNS activities, visited. Those who gathered to promote Korean rural tourism abroad experienced the most typical farm villages on an overnight trip itinerary.

The name ‘Ttobagi Farm Family’ is a combination of the pure Korean word “Ttobagi(또바기),” meaning “Always,” the word “Farm” and the Chinese character “Family(族).” It contains the meaning of “a family always with the farm village.” As the name implies, people who gathered to study the Korean language and culture from various countries experienced the traditional Korean farm villages’ traditional culture that cannot be encountered in cities.

■ Storehouses of cultural knowledge: Inje Mountain Village Folk Museum & Park In-hwan Memorial House

The Inje Mountain Village Folk Museum opened on October 8, 2003, to examine the history and tradition of Inje at a glance. The museum systematically preserves and exhibits the disappearing folk culture of Inje. It has two themes: “Life & Faith” and “Joys and Sorrows & Relaxation”. It is available from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and closed on public holidays and every Monday. Admission is free.

Park In-hwan Memorial House is located right next to the Inje Mountain Village Folk Museum. This space is for admiring the spirit of Park In-hwan, a poet who was born in Inje. You can feel the nostalgia of the past through the exhibition room that recreates the space of the days when the poet Park In-hwan was writing poems. The main works of Park In-hwan, the representative poet of modernist poetry, include “If Times Flow” and “A Rocking Horse and a Lady.”

Address: 50, Inje-ro 156beon-gil, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Phone: +82-33-462-2086

■ Seeing the beautiful scenery of autumn in Korea at one stage: Hachu Natural Recreation Forest

Hachu Natural Recreation Forest, managed by Inje Forestry Cooperative, consists of 11 condo-type buildings, including the Forest House and Forest Culture Rest Hall, conference rooms, restaurants, camping facilities, etc. Also, there are a 6km hiking trail and a 4km wellbeing tracking course. The tracking course leads to a field of wildflowers filled with about 30,000 flowers of 50 different species, such as daylily, spike speedwell, yellow iris, and fuji blue. Besides hiking trails where you can enjoy forest bathing, you can experience adventure leisure sports such as rafting, river bugging, and kayaking at Naerincheon, depending on the season and weather.

Meanwhile, only a limited number of people can enter and use it through the online reservation, so it is essential to make the reservation in advance.

Address: 686, Hachu-ro, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Phone: +82-33-461-0056

If you walk along the tracking course of Hachu Natural Recreation Forest, you can see the most Korean country road. Inje, in particular, is famous for producing vegetables in Korea, and since autumn is the season when the harvest is in full swing, you could see the farmers working.

In Korea, Inje is famous for the small number of COVID-19 confirmed cases. Although there was a confirmed case entering the country through Incheon International Airport, a mass infection in Inje was previously blocked by quarantine measures. To this day, there has been no mass infection in Inje, and it is still on a good defense.

■ Meet the life of farmers and local food at Hachuri Mountain Village

Located in Inje, Hachuri Mountain Village is a green village between Seoraksan and Naerincheon. It is at a high altitude of 250 to 600m above sea level and a mountain village centered in agriculture that mainly produces various highland vegetables, wild herbs, medicinal plants, and mushrooms like pine, oyster, and shiitake.

Hachu Nature Experience School can be said to be the core building of the village. Through the remodeling into a living space, restaurant, and the space for experience programs, Hachu Nature Experience School has been able to offer not only experience programs but also accommodation.

Experience programs include rafting, making natural soap and pain relief patches using wild grass, and making pottery. In case of accommodation facilities, in the past, they temporarily opened only in the summer. However, they are now available through reservation regardless of the season due to the reconstruction took place this fall. The complementary facilities, such as cafes and specialty stores, are also available at all times.

Address: 187, Hachu-ro, Inje-eup, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Phone: 070-4404-4481

■ The center of motor sports hidden in the mountains: Inje Speedium

In Inje, there is not only nature and tradition. Inje Speedium, Korea's first automobile theme park, is located deep in a mountain valley. Inje Speedium is the fourth official circuit following Yongin AMG Everland Speedway (1994), Taebaek Speedway (2003), and Yeongam Korea International Circuit (2010). Inje Speedium is the FIA Grade 2 circuit with a total area of 1.399,000㎡.

As it is operated by BlueOne, a subsidiary of Taeyoung E&C, besides the circuit, hotels, condominiums, and various amenities are fully organized. The hotel has 134 rooms (seven floors and a basement), and the condo has 118 rooms (eight floors and a basement). You can see the circuit from almost all rooms, so it is possible to watch the races at your room.

What’s more, there are various experiential viewing facilities such as a classic car museum, an ATV electric cart, a special exhibition hall for North Korea's cheer squad, a time gallery, an indoor playground, and a leisure cart. So Inje Speedium is loved by mainly family tourists. When there is no race, experience programs such as circuit cart, circuit safari, and circuit taxi are available.

Address: 130, Sanghadap-ro, Girin-myeon, Inje-gun, Gangwon-do
Phone: +82-1644-3366