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AVTECH’s NDAA-compliant CCTVs, The Best Non-China Surveillance Solution In The Market

  • Friday, March 19, 2021, 9:53 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
AVTECH is one of the world’s leading CCTV manufacturers and public-listed in Taiwan since 2005. Based on its strong in-house R&D, design, and hardware/software integration capabilities, AVTECH offers a complete CCTV product line and peripherals as well as providing a strong OEM solution to meet clients' custom needs.

In response to the recent US-China trade war and increased cybersecurity awareness, AVTECH has released a series of NDAA-compliant CCTV products. In 2020, the company has proudly fulfilled its on-time delivery promise while the global supply chain has been severely affected by the pandemic.

AVTECH’s NDAA-compliant (National Defense Authorization Act) CCTV products are 100% made in Taiwan, including product main chipsets and hardware/software designs and manufacturing. With the rising awareness of data protection and cybersecurity, AVTECH’s solutions are the best alternatives to Made-in-China surveillance systems, especially for distributors, system integrators and installers with strict security requirements. Besides, the company has also built a stable and reliable supply chain to ensure timely delivery. As one of the few manufacturers in the market capable of offering NDAA-compliant CCTV solutions with sustainable quality, AVTECH is well positioned to meet the increasing demand for MIT SoC solutions and other system integration services following U.S. prohibited use of surveillance products from China-based manufacturers.

Competitive Advantages:
• High quality products manufactured only in Taiwan
• One-stop-service solution - hardware, software and mobile app
• Diverse product lines for different surveilling scenarios and customization requirements