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EBS New Concept Nature Documentary 'This Is Wild' Program Presentation

  • Monday, April 24, 2017, 1:41 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
On April 24, EBS (CEO Woo Jong-beom) held a new program presentation at Koreana Hotel in Seoul, and announced that the nature documentary 'This Is Wild', claiming a new genre, will be first broadcast on Sunday, April 30, at 9:05 pm. After its first broadcast, it will be broadcasted on EBS1 channel every Sunday at 9:05 pm.

Unlike the existing nature documentaries that contain moments from the birth to the death of the ecosystem, it is a new type of nature documentary that shows the changing of nature at every moment without any adjustment, every week at the same time through more than one year of production period.

Through this, the program contains images of eagle owl, night owl as well as other wild animals living in Korea so that it becomes possible to meet people and wildlife living together at the same time at home. Also, unlike the existing nature documentary that only observes the ecology of the wild, this program combines a nature documentary with a human documentary and is produced in a new form that is created by people and wildlife.

▲ A presentation was held with Kim Guk-jin, Son Yeon-jae and Son Seung-woo PD.

The program vividly delivers stories occurred during the production process of the documentary, exploring the wilderness with ecology beginners, Kim Guk-jin and Son Yeon-jae, and touch-and-go moments that can be only met at production sites. It tries to deliver a little but important fact that wild and nature are alive near people, not far away from the cities.

Announcing retirement after 17 years of a career as a gymnast, Son Yeon-jae is now standing at her second life. To her, who only thought about gymnastics, going to and from only gym and home, 'This Is Wild' is the first challenge except for gymnastics. She says she wants to find the answer to life through the wild.

However, the wild is not easy. From the first day of the wild, the cliffside course is unfolded in front of her. It is a series of dangerous moments every time she took a step. In the end, the production team recommends to give up due to safety problems, but she challenges by saying “once I started the work, I want to finish it until the end.” And that evening, she opens her mind to Guk-jin who asked of the first day’s impressions in the wild.

▲ There is a comment that a broadcaster Kim Guk-jin led the filming site with his experience, knowledge and athletic ability.

▲ The interest from the site to Son Yeon-jae, who debuts as a broadcaster after retirement from gymnastic, was high.

Kim Guk-jin is an entertainer ranging over various broadcasting genres from drama to entertainment. To him, the wild was nostalgic about childhood. His eyes shine on the story of the various wildlife from hare to snake that he saw in his hometown. His new challenge to meet nature near once again will begin.

When he arrived at the wild, Guk-jin feels everything new and amazing. From a small birdsong to a tree, the secret of the wild is hidden. Learning about the nature one by one and dreaming of 'Wild Master Guk,' he has no difficulty in tough hiking, but he finds something unexpected and his eyes are moistened.

In addition, the reverse charm of Son Yeon-jae, who was thought to be an ecology beginner, was added. She guessed the right names of the birds with the fallen feathers as well as the birds passed by in the blink of an eye. Even her sense is scary, as she modestly replied, "I just guessed well," to Guk-jin's lavished praise from Dr. Son, Detective Son to Brilliant Son. The unpredictable wildlife story of Kim Guk-jin and Son Yeon-jae begins now.

Meanwhile, Kim Guk-jin and Son Yeon-jae challenged the first mission in the wild, "Find the Eagle Owl". And only a piece of ecology map was given to them to find the eagle owl. In the process of finding the eagle owls, they discover the wildlife that they can see in the present time, and they learn the realities of the eagle owl that they have never known. However, the wild was tough to humans.

The eagle owls were breathing near people, but they were living between the rock walls of the mountain cliffs. Jumped into the wild to find an eagle owl, Guk-jin and Yeon-jae have to climb up the 90-degree rocky cliff. There is no place to put their feet on the rocky wall. It is a dangerous situation as once they miss a step, they might fall under a cliff. The production team dissuades them to give up if they think dangerous, but they continue the challenge.

▲ EBS's new documentary format and its potential are the points that can not be missed.

PD Son Seung-woo talked about the intention of casting that "I thought it would be better with a man and woman. If comparing a man to the nature, I hoped to have the feeling of a big tree, and in the case of a woman, I thought about the composition of florescence. The reason is that we can look at nature sturdy, and the look itself resembles nature. I thought that it would be such a feeling, so I casted them." And, "As everyone knows, Son Yeon-jae has such a feeling originally, and as Kim Guk-jin has actually confirmed it, he has a sense of prudence and weight unlike his image as an entertainer. I could feel it more than I expected after filming."

He also said, "I am glad that both of them are safe after the first film. There is a situation that can be dangerous to both of them, so I hoped the shoot finishes safely. Both of them are ecology beginners. They have never lived in contact with nature, but I would like them to become ecology experts and eco-sensitive people at the end of the program from ecology beginners." At the end, he added that "Currently, it is planned to be a 12-episode program for this season. I hope that the filming in spring and summer go well, and, by extension, the program for autumn and winter and even for overseas. I hope to go with Son Yeon-jae and Kim Guk-jin."