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LightAir’s new strategy yield results

  • Tuesday, June 8, 2021, 6:36 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
LightAir's strategic focus on sales of air purification to offices and schools in Sweden is continuing to yield results. The LightAir Health+ offer provides clean, virus-free air and is offered in Sweden primarily as a subscription service. The number of subscriptions is growing continuously, rising from about sixty last summer and soon exceeding three hundred.

The positive market reception in Sweden is exemplified by how Enskilda Gymnasiet – an independent secondary school in operation for over 100 years – is now powerfully expanding its two subscriptions to thirty. The school carried out a six-month evaluation, which documented how individuals with asthma and allergies experienced relief from problems, and that other students and teachers experienced improved air quality. Evaluation comments mentioned reduced fatigue, improved concentration, and less drowsiness.

"We are located in central Stockholm and are aware that we operate in an environment that is particularly exposed to traffic pollution," says Jonas Persson, Project Manager at Enskilda Gymnasiet. “It’s important that students can stay healthy, cope with the school day and don’t get fatigued by bad air. It’s especially important that they are alert when final exams roll around. Students with pollen allergies are prone to tire easily and perform poorly.”

Enskilda Gymnasiet is now installing a total air purification capacity of over 20,000 cubic meters per hour, along with a corresponding virus inhibitor capacity. The sale was carried out via LightAir's partner Office Management, and the service will be delivered in the form of a three-year subscription.

The LightAir Health+ subscription offer is the most comprehensive service offer available and was established in the Swedish domestic market in 2020. The offer has since been awarded the International Facility Management Association's Nordic Innovation Prize, not least since it has the distinction of being able to destroy viruses while they’re still airborne.

"More and more businesses and organizations are opening their eyes to the challenges of indoor air," says Joakim Hansson, Business Area Manager at LightAir. "This is also shown concretely by how we expanded our subscription base from 5 to 60 last summer, and from 60 to 160 by year end. This summer we have high hopes of reaching our goal of 300 Swedish subscriptions."

Based on such positive market signals, LightAir recently carried out two new recruitments and thus doubled its sales resources for direct sales to Swedish offices and schools.

"We see that our strategic plan is promising and starting to bear fruit, while we have a long way to go with stimulating challenges ahead of us," comments Lars Liljeholm, CEO of LightAir. “We will become increasingly better at utilizing the competitive advantages we have in the nascent corporate market, not least in terms of purification efficiency and noise levels, as well as with an attractive and trouble-free subscription offer. Professional Solutions will be the engine of our future growth. Through an increasingly successful domestic market, we are laying the foundation for establishment in selected international markets.”

“We are in the middle of the demanding – but enjoyable – work of building a leading position in the commercial segment,” concludes Liljeholm. “Initially, the new strategy will affect sales when we change our revenue model, but in the long run this will be crucial for the company and value creation for our owners. With that said, the consumer market will still be an important part of the future LightAir we are now building, which is why we have also recruited cutting-edge expertise and are continuously developing our international ventures and e-commerce.”