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Kordsa presents its new generation composites technologies at the JEC Composites Connect 2021 virtual fair

  • Friday, June 18, 2021, 8:38 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
The global player of tire, construction reinforcement and composites technologies market Kordsa participated in JEC World 2021, the world's largest fair in the field of composites, which was held virtually between 1-3 June. Kordsa, exporting technology to the world with global cooperations and its innovation mindset, held 2 engaging webinars within the scope of the fair.

In the first webinar, Kordsa's Market Development Manager Elif Erdoğan shared information about Kordsa’s new generation composite technologies, stemming from Company’s “inspired, we reinforce life" vision. Honeycomb panels, high quality prepregs, adhesives, surface films were the leading and noticeable topics of Kordsa's wide range of new generation solutions presented at the webinar.

At the second webinar by Wylie Simpson, Ceramics Engineer of Kordsa's USA-based company Axiom Materials, Simpson gave a presentation titled "Choosing Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC) for Your Next Critical Application at High Temperature". He provided detailed information on target applications in hypersonic, industrial furnaces and refineries. Axiom Materials is the world's largest manufacturer of high temperature resistant Oxide-Oxide ceramic prepregs.

As the sponsor of the JEC World virtual fair, Kordsa has also sponsored the JEC Innovation Awards rewarding innovations that shape the industry. Making a speech at the award ceremony, Deniz Korkmaz, Kordsa’s Composite Technologies Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa region stated that with its “Inspired, we reinforce life” vision Kordsa’s composites capabilities reached beyond the World and continued: “Our sphere of influence has expanded to outer space. We are content to reinforce NASA's Orion spacecraft built to take humans farther than they have ever gone before.” Stating also that they worked on sustainable technologies Korkmaz added, “At Kordsa, we are inspired from life, and with this inspiration, we place sustainability at the center of our activities. While our composite products provide sustainability by definition, we also cooperate with leading companies in the industry for a sustainable future. TRB Lightweight Structures, a global high-volume composites manufacturer company, uses Kordsa's carbon fiber fabrics to lighten composite battery enclosures for EVs. We are proud to contribute to sustainable transportation solutions with our composite technologies and contribute to sustainable transformation of mobility.”

Murat Oğuz Arcan, Chief Operating Officer for Composites at Kordsa said:

“As Kordsa, we are growing decisively and reinforcing more and more areas every day, with our long-standing experience, strong synergy between our business lines, our R&D power, the right investments and collaborations. With our flexible and agile structure that updates itself with the new trends and adapts to change in the best way possible, we have always been and continue to be a company pioneering through exemplary breakthroughs in the industries we are in. Latest topics in the industries we serve, such as mobility, sustainability, circular economy and electrification are at the top of our agenda. We are transforming standards and shaping the future with our work and innovations in all of these areas.”

Arcan also stated that Kordsa takes every step passionately towards its goal to create a convenient, safe, efficient and sustainable world with the tire, construction reinforcement and composite technologies it has developed,“In the composites business, we continue to deepen our competencies and expand our sphere of influence with our four important US-based companies and our Composite Technologies Center of Excellence . With our experience and knowledge in advanced material technologies, we are reinforcing our technology leadership in this market by developing innovative composite technologies in line with our objective to create a sustainable future. Today, we touch every corner of life and reinforce every corner of life. Our goal to create a second Kordsa in composite technologies remains,” he said.