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DropKey­, World's First Inflatable Green Screen Studio, Now Available on

  • Sunday, June 20, 2021, 10:51 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
DropKey®, the world's first inflatable green screen studio called the Pop-up Studio in a Bag® with the DropKey mobile app, is now available on following a successful Kickstarter campaign and will ship to customers this fall. DropKey is also providing access to® for location-based video clips creating a content creation “ecosystem” designed specifically for content creators, Twitch steamers, YouTubers, TikTok amateurs and professionals who want to “level up” and shoot broadcast quality, live background replacement streaming from their home or office. With DropKey, none of that is required as you have your own Hollywood Pop-up Studio in a Bag at home!

DropKey’s Creator Network (DCN), a free membership that is 17,000 members strong made up of photographers and videographers, can get discounts, enter brand competitions and upload their own high-quality location-based background video clips to the MediaBook ecosystem and make money. MediaBook is an online store for video clips made up of millions of aggregated stock footage assets available for green screen backgrounds (b-roll), enabling users to quickly obtain “locations” and create broadcast-quality green screen videos from literally anywhere. The company will market DropKey as the Be Anywhere® app.

The DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Classic (available for $599) is equipped with a camera app that syncs location-based video clips directly from the online store, enabling users to find live, searchable video clips and start shooting in that location in seconds. DropKey includes a wireless lighting controller with optional software audio mixer, making it the ultimate inflatable portable studio. In addition, the DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Professional is much larger (12’W x 10’H) for $1,999 and includes professional audio and a 10-channel software mixer.

DropKey can be purchased at and b-roll video clips can be purchased at Video clips purchased will sync to your camera roll, a function that will be available when the company starts shipping product in the fall. MediaBook will include a mobile app in Q4 2021.

All DropKey Pop-up Studios pair automatically with the DropKey app on your smart device (iOS and Android) and will include the DropKey Ads Creator by monthly subscription giving users workflow templates for content creation and final assembly in the cloud, creating professional grade commercials at a fraction of the cost, removing the need for crews, rental gear, and post-production.

“85 percent of what you see on television is made using green-screen technology and nobody knows it. Almost 100 percent of professional content creators use Chroma key background replacement in their productions every day,” said Rockwell Scharer, Founder and CEO of DropKey, Inc. “When you put that ability on over two billion smart devices for the first time, you have the potential for a video and content creation revolution--and Dropkey is leading the way.”

According to Scharer, “We saw a very big niche in the new work-from-home economy where content producers can significantly increase their revenue streams on the mobile platform through collaboration and at-home productions. Users will be able to make broadcast-quality videos at home using professionally shot, curated green screen location-based “video backgrounds” via the DropKey and MediaBook ecosystem. With DropKey, the next Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams may emerge as we enter this new era of video creation.”

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