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LUNA, an All-in-One Building and Hacking Tool for USB Devices, Just Launched on Crowd Supply

  • Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 2:03 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Crowd Supply, the leading product development platform connecting hardware creators with early adopters and enthusiastic backers, announces the launch of LUNA, a multi-use tool for building, testing, monitoring, and hacking USB devices. LUNA is built using an FPGA architecture, with three high-speed USB interfaces capable of operating at rates up to 480Mbps. The versatile, all-in-one device can function as a high-speed USB protocol analyzer, USB development platform, or USB-hacking multi-tool.

LUNA, developed by Great Scott Gadgets and launched with support from Crowd Supply, features two USB Type-C connectors for device-mode communication, one Type-C connector for device-mode communication, host-mode communication, or USB analysis, and one Type-A connector for host-mode communication or USB analysis. The device includes a Microchip SAMD debug controller, which allows user configuration of the FPGA and provides several diagnostic interfaces, including a built-in USB-to-serial communications bridge for FPGA debug I/O, a user-programmable JTAG controller, and a variety of simple, built-in debug mechanisms. LUNA’s full-featured USB protocol analyzer is built using open-source tooling, allowing automatic customization for each task and supporting user-defined hardware triggering.

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