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Best Creative Photo Gift of 2021 – Restored Memories with Vivid-Pix RESTORE Software for Beginners & Seniors

  • Wednesday, July 28, 2021, 12:54 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Vivid-Pix announced today the best creative photo gift idea of 2021: Vivid-Pix RESTORE patented photo and document restoration software. Vivid-Pix RESTORE lets you give the powerful gift of restored memories that will never be forgotten by friends and family. Perfect for technology novices and seniors, RESTORE patented AI powered software fixes virtually any image in just one click, automatically improving old, faded photos, slides, and documents, as well as new digital photos and documents, to bring back images you thought were long gone. Everyone can give the gift of restored memories by gifting RESTORE software or using the software to fix photos and printing them as gifts at:

No Need to Pay Someone to Improve Treasured Photos -- No Complex Software or Subscriptions Needed

“There’s not a better gift for friends and family than restored, cherished memories. Bringing photos back-to-life and sharing reconnects us and there’s no better time to do this than during the holidays,” said Rick Voight, CEO, Vivid-Pix and Publisher, Reunions magazine. “RESTORE’s simplicity is the key to its popularity. People no longer need to learn complex software or spend hundreds of dollars on subscriptions or paying someone else to improve their treasured photos. It’s so simple to use that anyone can do it.”

Fixes Virtually Any Image with Just One Click

Vivid-Pix RESTORE patented AI software automatically restores faded old color, black and white, and sepia photos and documents; and provides image organization, editing, and saving. It improves a wide variety of image formats; and includes metadata tagging for transcribing and sharing family stories. The Crop/Recalculate feature hones in on specific areas that need fixing – details essential for family historians.

Vivid-Pix is recognized by genealogists and hobbyists as the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to improve faded photos and unreadable documents, such as letters, immigration records, newspaper clippings, postmarks, and birth, wedding, and death certificates, as well as other crucial photos and documents essential to the research and sharing of family history, the second most popular hobby in the U.S.

Vivid-Pix RESTORE Availability

The new version of Vivid-Pix RESTORE is available now for Mac and Windows for $49.99 at: with a 10 Free-Fix Trial without a credit card required at: The U.S. Patent Office has awarded two patents to Vivid-Pix for its image processing techniques used to automatically correct images. See Vivid-Pix RESTORE in action at: For more information, see the website at: