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WikiTribune Conference by Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Visiting Korea

  • Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 9:19 am
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
On May 15, Jimmy Wales attended 'WikiTribune Conference' at the Westin Chosun Hotel in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, and said that he hopes the news site 'WikiTribune' would enter the Asian market.

Today, the world is suffering from 'Fake news', and as it has become a social issue, various Internet portal sites and social network services (SNS) are presenting functions that can detect fake news. However, Wikitribune is the first to claim a specialized media platform that sorts out only fake news.

Jimmy Wales said "WikiTribune will deliver true evidence and accurate information to help the public make the right decisions." And, "It will be the best alternative to fake news issues that are emerging as a global problem today."

▲ Jimmy Wales has made inroads in Asia with 'WikiTribune,' a media platform that catches fake news.

With the introduction of a new online news platform 'WikiTribune' that combines collective intelligence and evidence-based journalism, change of a fairer and cleaner media ecosystem is expected.

Like Wikipedia, according to the first WikiTribune, released on April 25th (local time), a rep orter with expert knowledge writes an article based on the facts, and general readers are free to modify and add to the article whenever its content is different from the truth. However, the changes are only reflected in real time if approved by the employee or authorized volunteer.

In addition, WikiTribune secures funds through donation system in crowdfunding platform rather than profit models such as advertisement or subscription. Those who participate in funding can become 'volunteers' and present their views on the topics that will be covered by WikiTribune. This is a part providing a glimpse into the fact that Wikipedia has a sense of responsibility as a social enterprise beyond the limitations of the big data platform simply related to knowledge.

In the US, the fund is collected enough to hire more than five journalists through overseas crowdfunding, and the official service will be launched starting in English in June.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Wales's visit to Korea was prepared to open the first Wikipedia-based WikiTribune's entry into the Asian market. In particular, the relationship between Kwame Ferreira, Chief Technology Officer of and Managing Director of ESV, and Korea has begun since he was in charge of the development of WikiTribune. In this regard, the event was hosted and organized by ESV.

▲ Joseph Kang, a CEO of ESV, delivered a welcoming speech.

▲ Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

▲ After the introductions of Wikipedia and the WikiTribune, the Q&A session was followed.

Q1. (Acrofan) After establishing Acrofan in 2006, in the past 11 years, I have seen both Vandalism and Dogmatism moving in pairs from both readers and reporters while experiencing and remembering the whole process of producing, providing, and distributing the contents. How did you build the safeguard against this? Are you willing to accept reports of premium-level content from Acrofan to WikiTribune for editors' tutorials and training?

(Jimmy Wales) The things you said afterward are interesting. I think it will need more conversations. To answer the previous question, the control aspect is significant in the news, so I will be very careful. When publishing, we will check carefully and base on professional standards. Collaboration will be also equalized. When thinking about traditional news companies and the content management system, I believe many participations would be possible. It will not be as exactly as Wikipedia, but new elements will be tried. In particular, we will test the maximum value of participation.