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Comcast Launching WiFi-Connected “Lift Zone” at Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center

  • Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 11:42 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
As part of its ongoing commitment to help connect low-income families and individuals to the internet so they can fully participate in distance-learning and the digital economy, Comcast today announced that the Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center in Beaverton is now a Lift Zone in Oregon/SW Washington.

Working with its network of community-based organizations, Comcast is providing high-capacity WiFi access in safe spaces designed to help lift the experience for students – and in this case, veterans – in getting online, engaging in distance learning, accessing virtual support programs, and conducting job searches. This initiative provides free connectivity inside various partner community centers over the next three years.

The Lift Zones feature free gig-speed WiFi provided by Comcast, which allows dozens of students/individuals to work on laptops simultaneously.

"Our veterans and their families are very appreciative of our housing complex becoming a Lift Zone,” said Major Rhonda Lloyd of the Salvation Army Veterans and Family Center. “This will allow the children who live here to use the computer lab for schooling, and our veterans to access virtual training, and conduct job searches."

Several more Lift Zone sites are currently under construction across Comcast’s Oregon/SW Washington service territory, with the goal of more than 30 by year’s end. There are already 20 Lift Zones in operation, primarily located at Boys and Girls Clubs.