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NCsoft Lineage M Showcase 'THE SUMMIT'

  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 8:52 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
On the morning of the May 16th, 'Lineage M' showcase 'THE SUMMIT', organized by NCsoft, was held at The Raum in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The event was prepared to introduce the features and vision of NCsoft's new mobile game, 'Lineage M' in the presence of officials including NCsoft's vice president Kim Taek-heon, vice president Jung Jin-soo, executive director Shim Seung-bo, managing director Lee Sung-goo and general manager of mobile publishing, Kim Hyun-ho.

At the beginning of the event, Kim Taek-heon said, "Implementing the value and legitimacy of Lineage on the mobile was a new challenge every moment, and it included all the experiences we have accumulated over 19 years since the release of Lineage into Lineage M." And, "I would like to ask you a lot of interest and support for NCsoft's new challenge, Lineage M."

▲ 'Lineage M' showcase 'THE SUMMIT' was held.

▲ Kim Taek-heon said, "We have put all of our 19 years of experience into Lineage M after the release of Lineage."

▲ 'Lineage M' will be showcased on Google Play and Apple App Store on June 21.

According to the announcement, 'Lineage M' will be showcased on Google Play and Apple App Store on June 21, and a pre-character creation will be started at 24:00 on June 16th (00:00 on the 17th).

Lineage M is a mobile MMORPG that embodies the main elements of "Lineage", a PC online game launched in 1998 by NCsoft. Not only the characters of various classes, but also the main elements of "Lineage" such as clans, large-scale hunting, siege, etc. are included in Mobile Aden World. As the platform is changed from PC to mobile, the visuals are enhanced and the UI system is optimized.

'Lineage M' embodies the main elements of the game such as the original Lineage's characters, hunting grounds, monsters, and non-player characters (NPCs), and users can choose one of the following classes: knight, fairy, monarch, and wizard.

When you access the game, you will first play the game on the island "Talking Island" for beginners, and you can use the game in the same areas as the original Lineage, such as Giran Village, Heine, Dragon Valley, etc. The familiar NPCs such as "Pandora" and "Orim" can be found throughout the village, and the familiar monsters such as werewolves, oaks, and skeletons are waiting for users in the hunting grounds.

The map of "Lineage M" is an open world format with all the hunting areas in the game opened like the original Lineage. Until now, the mobile RPG has been limited to systems such as users have to hunting ground 1-1, hunting ground 1-2, which can not move hunting grounds in certain order or use hunting grounds according to certain conditions such as level, but 'Lineage M' allows users to move to other areas regardless of conditions so that they can feel the atmosphere of the original game.

The control of 'Lineage M' has further improved by fitting the control of the original 'Lineage' to the mobile. Typical examples are 'Arc Selector' system and 'Quick Slot' system. The 'Arc Selector' system allows the user to select lots of subjects by drawing a region with fingers, so they can select all the monsters in the region by drawing a circle on the screen. The system has the advantage of being able to easily select multiple objects on a narrow screen at a time.

'Quick Slot' is a system that users can use several skills, magic, and items consecutively after registering them in advance. In addition, automatic hunting and automatic looting are implemented so that users conveniently and easily enjoy the game even with the limited mobile controls in which they cannot user keyboard and mouse.

PvP (Player vs. Player) system of "Lineage M" was developed with the goal of "exciting combat", and users can check their detailed PvP combat history and ranking in "PvP Book" in "Lineage M". If you win a PvP with another character, you can send a provocation message to the clan to which the defeated character belongs, or you can teleport directly to near the character that defeated you.

A system that facilitates party hunting in open fields is also introduced. In the battle of the party unit, if the party leader specifies the target, the target is displayed on the party members' screen, and the party members can touch the 'attack' button to perform the concentrated attack.

"Trial Dungeon" is added as a content of "Lineage M" for raising characters. The "trial dungeon" is an "individual instance dungeon (one-time hunting ground)" which could not be seen in the original "Lineage". The hunting area in the original "Lineage" will be provided as a private hunting ground. Users can acquire experience points, items, and Adena (in-game money) in the dungeon, and since it is a private dungeon, users do not have to worry about competition or battle with other characters.

A community function, which is one of the main functions of "Lineage", is also enhanced in "Lineage M". To begin with, in "Lineage M", a "voice chat" function is implemented so that users can use voice chats with other users without a separate application for communication.

Moreover, NCsoft will launch "MTalk", a mobile app for communities linked to games, on Google Play and Apple App Store on the May 16th. "MTalk" is a community app connected to the game, and it has functions like real time interworking of character and clan information, chat with clans and communities, interactive and posting notification, management of clan calendars and schedules.

Meanwhile, NCsoft also announced the pre-order record of "Lineage M" at the press conference. Since April 12, it reached 1 million after 8 hours, 2 million after 3 days, 3 million after 12 days, and it exceeded 4 million on May 15.