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Announcing Selections for the Korean Cinema Today-Vision Section

  • Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 11:49 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
The 26th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which will be held from October 6 (Wed) to October 15 (Fri), has announced 12 selections for the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section.

The Korean Cinema Today-Vision section of BIFF is the venue that introduces the latest Korean independent films with outstanding cinematic quality, and discovers emerging competent Korean directors.

Based on the results in recent years, such as Short Vacation (2020) directed by Kwon Min-pyo and Seo Hansol, Behind You (2020) directed by Park Hong-min, Good Person (2020) directed by Jung Wook, Lucky Chan-sil (2019) directed by Kim Cho-hee, Moving On (2019) directed by Yoon Danbi, Maggie (2018) directed by Yi Okseop, Our Body (2018) directed by Han Ka-ram, Sub-zero Wind (2018) directed by Kim Yuri, Microhabitat (2017) directed by Jeon Gowoon, February (2017) directed by Kim Joonghyun, Park Hwa-young (2017) directed by Lee Hwan, Possible Faces (2017) directed by Lee Kanghyun, Autumn, Autumn (2016) directed by Jang Woojin, and Jane (2016) directed by Cho Hyunhoon were first unveiled worldwide through the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section. After their releases at BIFF, these films received favorable reviews from both domestic and international critics and audiences.

This year, all the selections of the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section have a high quality of production and outstanding craftsmanship. From solid storytelling to the planning and implementation of daring and original imageries, the cinematic qualities have been evenly elevated through their fascinating and challenging approach to filmmaking. Therefore, the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section, which has selected 10 films in the past, has now expanded its selection to 12 titles.

Nobody's Lover, directed by Han In-mi, captures a period of mysterious yet brutal growth that a high school girl passes through with delicate and sophisticated emotional direction.

Through My Midwinter, directed by Oh Seongho, is a desperate youth melodrama based on the realistic plight of contemporary youth.

A Lonely Island in the Distant Sea, directed by Kim Miyoung, reflects the mature and determined attitude of a father and a daughter as they face a significant change in life.

Doom Doom, directed by Jung Wonhee, is a positive female narrative about a single mother who is also a talented DJ.

A Bit Different, directed by Lee Woodong, is a genre film set in a limited place where two detectives are entangled in complicated incidents.

Sophie's world, directed by Lee Jeahan, depicts various times of four days and the emotional panorama of a foreign traveler, Sophie, and her Korean friends.

No Surprise, directed by Shin Sun, narrates an undeniably intriguing story about time and emotion by portraying three friends who happen to reunite in one place.

Hot in Day, Cold at Night, directed by Park Songyeol, is a moral drama that uses a strange touch of laughter to portray the daily life of a poor but honest couple.

Film for the Coming Winter, directed by Kim Kyungrae, raises questions about love and philosophy in a conversation between a man and a woman about a film within the film on a familiar yet strange day.

Chorokbam, directed by Yoon Seo-jin, depicts the secular days of a family with an elegant mise-en-scéne of green palette and a drastic production design throughout the film.

Not One and Not Two, directed by Seo Bohyung, captures a man's meditative life in his search for enlightenment, which is portrayed in a challenging genre with various images and avant-garde compositions.

The Conversation, directed by Kim Dukjoong, is focused on small yet lively daily conversations, while featuring delicate cinematography with experimental composition and rhythm.

The selected titles of Korean Cinema Today-Vision section will be reviewed and granted various awards such as the DGK MEGABOX Award, the CGV Arthouse Award, the KBS Independent Film Award, the CGK&SamyangXEEN Award, the Critic b Award, the Watcha Award, the Citizen Critics' Award, and the Actor & Actress of the Year award.

The 12 titles of the Korean Cinema Today-Vision section will present the vision of contemporary Korean cinema and can be viewed at the 26th Busan International Film Festival, which will be held for 10 days from October 6 (Wed) to October 15 (Fri).