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TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE Official Website Released Today

  • Wednesday, September 1, 2021, 7:57 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (“CESA”, Chairman: Hideki Hayakawa) announced today the content of TOKYO GAME SHOW 2021 ONLINE (“TGS2021 ONLINE”) which will be held from September 30 (Thursday) to October 3 (Sunday) and published it on the official website

TOKYO GAME SHOW delivers new titles for various platforms including game consoles, smartphones, and PCs as well as wide range of game-related information. This year again, it will distribute official programs (organizer programs / official exhibitor programs, etc.) and set up the Amazon Special Site to offer game products and goods.

In addition, TGS2021 ONLINE will conduct various new projects this year, such as Free Trial Play that game fans can enjoy trial version of new titles, etc. by free downloading, TGSVR2021 where TGS can be experienced in virtual space, and TOKYO GAME MUSIC FES which is an online concert of game music.

Targeting the press and influencers, the offline venue will be set up for them to be able to cover the event and try playing new games. There will be also an online tour (fee-paid) that game fans can enjoy simulated experience of being in the venue.

The number of exhibitors in TGS 2021 ONLINE is 339 as of September 1. It is recognized as a global event having many international exhibitors, with 157 exhibitors from Japan and 182 from overseas. There are 33 exhibitors participated in Official Exhibitor Program that will be distributed during four days of the event, of which eight are from overseas.Today, the timetable was released and further details of each exhibition and program will be updated toward the event.

A comedy duo, Magical Lovely has been selected as an official supporter who joins to liven up TGS2021 ONLINE. They will broadly communicate information on TGS by appearing on the official programs, trying new titles, and guiding experience tours.

TGS2021 ONLINE is organized with the theme “We’ll always have games”. Amid restricted everyday life and activities, TGS2021 ONLINE communicates charms of games and experiences realized only by games, via online and offline. Please enjoy TOKYO GAME SHOW in the new format that is only unique to this age.