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New European grant confirms PulPac’s global ownership of Dry Molded Fiber

  • Tuesday, September 7, 2021, 11:13 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Today, PulPac celebrates that the European Patent Office has announced its intention to grant one of PulPac´s most general patents. Europe is thereby the third major region, after the USA and Japan, to confirm PulPac´s ownership of the process of dry molding cellulose fibers, a breakthrough technology that enables replacement of single-use plastics on a global scale.

The patent, which covers the use of air instead of water when molding cellulose fibers, has besides Europe, USA and Japan, also been granted in South Korea, Russia, Chile, Indonesia, Ukraine, and South Africa.

“As owners of this game-changing technology, it is our duty to the planet to spread it as fast and wide as we can. By making it available through licensing, we can quickly scale and help speed up the transition towards a more sustainable packaging industry. We invite converters, brands and suppliers in plastics or fiber that wish to grow with Dry Molded Fiber and support the advancement of a truly sustainable fiber packaging solution, to join our technology pool,” says Linus Larsson, CEO of PulPac.

The Dry Molded Fiber Technology Pool is an exclusive open-source community, where members get access not only to PulPac’s registered patent rights, but to the company’s vast and world-leading know-how in Dry Molded Fiber technology and processes. All in exchange for royalties and a promise not to block other partners within the pool via new patents around Dry Molded Fiber.

“Members of the pool will contribute to the expansion and quality of the pool with further patents and know-how. Together, we will win on price and sustainability against plastics. We aim to replace one million tons of single-use plastic by 2025. That equals a decrease of global CO2 emissions fom the industry with up to five million ton and conserves massive amounts of valuable water resources”, Larsson continues.

To date, licensees, and partners have invested close to 100 million dollars in Dry Molded Fiber. Massive efforts are made in building a global supply chain of machinery and materials for the benefit of the industry.

“It is a giant mission to disrupt a trillion-dollar industry from within, but Dry Molded Fibers is one of the candidates leading the race for sustainable packaging. PulPac is here to support the global transformation to fiber with many more innovations to come”, Larsson concludes.

PulPac now has global IP coverage of Dry Molded Fiber with 65 national granted patents and 39 patent applications to support its mission. Several new patent applications are being filed later this year as PulPac continue to spearhead inventions and protect the Technology Pool.