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The 26th Busan International Film Festival Announces the Open Talk “Filmmaking and Drama Making”

  • Monday, October 4, 2021, 10:28 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
The 26th Busan International Film Festival has prepared an Open Talk with the most sought-after directors of this generation: CHANG Hang Jun, KIM Seonghun, and HAN Junhee.

The Filmmaking and Drama Making Open Talk, which will be held on Oct 13 (Wed) at 17:30 (KST), invites three directors, Chang Hang Jun, Kim Seonghun, and Han Junhee, to share their experiences in the evolving production environment and the creative process for their films with the audience.

Chang Hang Jun directed the film Forgotten (2017) and the drama Sign (2011), and has recently been attracting much popularity by appearing in various TV shows such as Crime Trivia (2021) and seasons 1 and 2 of The Story of the Day When the Tail Was Bitten, also known as Kkokkomu.

Director Kim Seonghun has received recognition for his outstanding directing in the films A Hard Day (2014) and Tunnel (2016), and was the front runner of the popularity of K-Contents with the success of his Netflix Original Series, which gave rise to a worldwide K-Zombie drama trend.

Director Han Junhee, who caught the Cannes Film Festival’s attention with his debut film, Chinatown (2015), has recently made a name for himself as a drama series director, with the release of his six-episode Netflix Original Series, D.P. (2021), which follows the story of an army unit whose assignment is to capture army deserters.
The Filmmaking and Drama Making Open Talk is raising the expectations of many, and is intended to respond to the audience’s curiosity through discussions on subjects such as the creative drive, storytelling in the production process, audiovisual expression, and much more.

The Filmmaking and Drama Making Open Talk will be held at the BIFFXGENESIS Outdoor Stage. Admission is free and on a first come, first served basis. Ticket reservation is not required, as long as COVID-19 guidelines are upheld and precautions such as mobile check-in and thermal screening are taken. This event will also be broadcast live on BIFF’s official YouTube channel (


■ CHANG Hang Jun | Korea | Director

Chang Hang Jun made his directorial debut in 2002 with the film Break Out. Following his debut, he participated in various projects. Chang directed and wrote the screenplay of Forgotten (2017) and Spring Breeze (2003), wrote the screenplay of The Great Chef (1999) and The Adventure of Mrs. Park (1996), and directed the dramas Sign (2011), Golden House (2010), and the “Muhan Company” segment of MBC’s Infinite Challenge. Recently, he has been actively making appearances in various TV shows such as Crime Trivia (2021) and seasons 1 and 2 of The Story of the Day When the Tail Was Bitten, also known as Kkokkomu.

■ KIM Seonghun | Korea | Director

After achieving both success and fame with his second feature, A Hard Day (2014), director Kim Seonghun’s directorial skills were acknowledged once again in the film Tunnel (2016). The Netflix Original Series Kingdom, which comprises Kingdom (2019), Kingdom Season 2 (2020), and Kingdom: Ashin of the North (2021), was co-created by Kim Seonghun and Kim Eun-hee, who wrote the script of Signal (2016). The Kingdom series has mesmerized the global audience, creating a K-Zombie drama syndrome.

■ HAN Junhee | Korea | Director

Director Han Junhee made a successful drama debut with his Netflix Original Series, D.P. (2021). He was invited to Critics’ Week at the Cannes Film Festival for his debut film, Chinatown (2015), and received the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Director - Film.