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Youth Leaders from United Nations and Global Citizenship Foundation Lead the Post COVID-19 Transformation on Planet Classroom

  • Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 12:57 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Young people have inherited a world beset by crises but Planet Classroom in association with Creative Visions have invited youth globally to shine a light on their thoughts, feelings, hopes and desires for the world. In this new episode of the SHINE shows, Orb, Planet Classroom’s virtual host, asked eight young leaders - 5 from Global Citizenship Foundation: Arjun Singh, Thueba Said, Shantal Lukoye, Kuvam Mehta and Jessa Adriatico; and 3 from UN Youth: Zaheen Razeen, Siena Castellon and Hadiqa Bashir, to present solutions. Their powerful presentations suggest that they are ready, willing and able to design a modern society and international community that cares for the good of all its people.

The 4th industrial revolution created inequality, social discord, a fragile labor market and the need for innovation and change. What does this mean for global learning? How can we reform curriculum to support the local good and the global good for all people?

“Humanity was tested. Courage was tested, yet we managed to emerge strong and better,” notes SDG Leader Zaheen Razeen. “I recommend educational institutions partner with telecommunication firms with a broad reach in remote areas to ensure easy access and implementation of e-learning,” suggests Thueba Said. “We flourish when everybody flourishes,” adds Hadiqa Bashir; “Expand the definition of the right to education so that it embraces the importance of connectivity and access to knowledge and information.” “Realistically speaking, a better and safe world is something that we couldn’t achieve unless we remember how to be humans,” says Jessa Adriatico.