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Porsche Korea Opens ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ at Seokgwan Elementary School

  • Saturday, October 16, 2021, 10:58 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) announced on the 13th that a new Porsche Dream Playground has been completed at the kindergarten attached to Seokgwan Elementary School in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

Marking its 4th anniversary, ‘Porsche Dream Playground’ is one of the projects of Porsche Korea's CSR campaign ‘Porsche Do Dream’ through which Porsche supports the development of indoor areas for children to give them adequate space to play after school and allow them to express themselves in a playful environment.

With the completion of 'Porsche Dream Playground' at the Kindergarten of Seokgwan Elementary School, Porsche Korea has built a total of seven indoor gyms in two regular and five special schools. It has been expanding its support from Seoul, Gyeonggi Province to a national level. Following the completion at Seokgwan Elementary School, two additional Dream Playgrounds will be opened this October at Sanseong Elementary School located in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do and at Noannam Elementary School located in Naju, Jeollanam-do.

The completion ceremony was attended by a small number of people including Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea, Park Seok-gu, principal of Seokgwan Elementary School, Baek Na-Young, the kindergarten assistant director, and Yeo Seung-su, the headquarter director of the ChildFund Korea. During the ceremony, a plaque was delivered and a commemorative tape cutting took place.

The ‘Porsche Dream Playground’, with a total floor area of 90㎡, transformed existing office space into a playground for children. The playground was designed with recreational equipment including a ball-pool for sensory development, trampoline for flexibility and growth plate stimulation, and playground stairs for muscle development.

With 719 students attending, Seokgwan Elementary School is a public school that offers an auxiliary kindergarten, fostering dreams through education focusing on intelligence, ethics, and creativity.

Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea stated, “We are very happy that the ‘Porsche Do Dream campaign’, launched to support the dreams of children and teenagers, is continuing to make meaningful progress” and added, "Porsche Korea is committed to support children’s dreams in line with its core brand value of sustainability and will further contribute to the Korean society in various fields such as education, culture and environment."

Meanwhile, Porsche Korea launched ‘Porsche Do Dream’ in 2017 and has been steadily carrying CSR activities reflecting the company brand values of ‘dream’ and ‘passion.’ In addition to the ‘Porsche Dream Playground’, the company provided scholarships for children talented in arts and sports and children no longer subject to social care, to help become self-reliant. Last year, the ‘Porsche Dream Circle’ was newly introduced to create forests in schools and install solar panels. In total, Porsche Korea provided 2.639 billion KRW in donations through the ‘Do Dream’ campaign.