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CSG Xponent Unleashes the Power to Create Extraordinary Customer Experiences for Leading Brands

  • Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 10:35 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
CSG® (NASDAQ: CSGS) is transforming the way companies engage with customers by arming today’s leading brands with future-ready, innovative solutions that drive extraordinary customer experiences and inspire loyalty. Today the company launched CSG Xponent™, a unified, cloud engagement hub that takes uninspired customer engagements and turns them into extraordinary customer experiences.

By bringing together holistic customer data, industry-leading customer journey orchestration and analytics, proven omni-channel communications and an unmatched passion for customer experience excellence, Xponent enables leading brands to impact the entire customer lifecycle from awareness to purchase and long-term retention. With CSG Xponent, companies deliver personalized, predictive and proactive customer connections that drive better business outcomes, quicker time to value and lower risk.

Winning through the creation of the absolute best customer experience (CX) is the optimal way to stand out in today’s highly commoditized world. Business leaders recognize the power of customer experience, journey mapping and customer data, but most struggle to bring it all together and take meaningful action. CSG Xponent delivers a differentiated experience that overcomes data silos and the complexity of disconnected assets with an end-to-end platform that taps into real-time customer interactions across all points in the customer lifecycle. The capabilities within the Xponent platform provide advanced CX analytics that uncover insights, which can be turned into actions that make a meaningful difference at every customer touchpoint.

“Businesses have been building large data warehouses and mapping journeys for years and now they’re anxious to realize more tangible benefits from their investments,” said Alfred Binford, president of customer engagement for CSG. “The window of opportunity to wow your customers is fleeting and precious, which is why companies need their technology investments to deliver immediate results at every ‘moment of truth’ in the customer lifecycle. CSG Xponent powers brands to predict and create the customer’s best next action and drive ROI for the business.”

With Xponent’s industry-leading approach, companies can:

Harness the power of a single, unified hub to manage all aspects of customer experience and engage with consumers in real time via their channel of choice

Optimize and complement their existing technology stack, avoiding the pains of infrastructure replacement

Eradicate internal silos and take data from any source to inform a unified, 360-degree customer record at scale alongside real-time analytics that drive consumer actions, deliver tangible outcomes and inspire loyalty

Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and real time interaction management (RTIM) to know their customers better than they know themselves, and determine and pursue the best next action that delivers impactful results

Use preconfigured customer journeys and use cases, analytical models and packaged data libraries to hit the ground running from day one. With a robust library of customer journeys and use cases that produce tremendous results for market-leading firms, Xponent enables brands to boost customer acquisition and win in the battle for customer retention.

“As companies strive to retain or reclaim customers post the pandemic, customer experience has emerged as the clear differentiator,” said to Alan Webber, program vice president, customer experience, IDC. “Product diversity and lower costs are no longer enough in this hyper competitive environment. Organizations that prioritize the customer’s experience and emotional response in their interactions have the advantage in winning and retaining the business. End-to-end technologies, which overcome customer data siloes, disparate solutions and unpredictable outcomes, are what the industry has been waiting for to truly capitalize on the potential of mastering customer experience.”

In a world driven by consumers’ ever-increasing demand for improved experiences and value, the competitive stakes are high. CSG Xponent is today’s future-ready CX solution built on CSG’s nearly 40 years of trusted insight and knowledge. Xponent powers companies to get the outcomes they have been looking for with the only partner who has the executional expertise to guide them there, fearlessly. For more information on CSG Xponent, visit