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Agora Data Introduces First-Ever Reducing Rate Line of Credit

  • Thursday, November 18, 2021, 4:57 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Agora Data, inventor of the first crowdsourced securitization for the Buy Here Pay Here industry, launches another financing innovation with the first-ever reducing interest rate line of credit. This new product offers unlimited borrowing capacity, the lowest interest rates, and the highest advances. It provides Buy Here Pay Here dealers and small to mid-size finance companies the ability to exponentially grow and compete. Agora's game-changing approach to funding addresses an immediate need in the marketplace and allows entrepreneurs to access the same borrowing advantages as mega-sized dealers. The Buy Here Pay Here industry has traditionally struggled to obtain capital at affordable interest rates, and by removing restrictive barriers and utilizing data-driven metrics, dealers are gaining the freedom and resources to realize exponential growth.

With AgoraCapital's reducing rate line of credit, dealers start benefiting from the interest savings and generous advances as soon as approved. Over time, interest rates decrease while other advantages increase, such as no personal guaranty or recourse, flexibility to draw cash as needed as well as no origination or unused line fees. AgoraCapital is designed to support revenue-generating functions and empowers dealers to better manage their portfolios, operate with confidence, and gain market share.

"Agora is already making a positive difference for the BHPH industry by helping our members strengthen their financial footing and realize unprecedented growth, knowledge, ability to compete and ultimately build wealth," Steve Burke, CEO of Agora Data, said. "With AgoraCapital, we remove the obstacles dealers confront in traditional lines of credit and empower them with the same secret sauce enjoyed by larger national dealer groups. Agora's innovative, best-in-class financing options and robust data analytics is leveling the playing field for an underserved and underbanked industry."