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Challengermode hosts Play2Help Rocket League tournament for Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Thursday, May 12, 2022, 7:13 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Global esports platform Challengermode has announced it is working with the Mental Health Foundation and Rise Against the Disorder to raise awareness of mental health issues for this year’s Mental Health Awareness month.

This initiative will share encouraging content through Challengermode’s esports platform, raise funds for Mental Health organizations and culminate in an exclusive charity tournament with streamers and influencers benefiting charities across the United Kingdoms and the US.

Supporting the “Back To Basics” theme of this years’ MHAM, Challengermode will provide foundational knowledge about mental health to players through its esports platform, and key information and resources for where to turn for mental health support.

As well as providing tips on how to better understand mental well-being in relation to gaming, Challengermode will seed short messages into pre and post game tournament chats to raise awareness and encourage civil play.

The main event will be an exclusive charity tournament on May 28th, featuring influencers and streamers from the Rocket League community. European players looking to get involved and show their support are able to qualify for the tournament in the week leading up to the main event. Open qualifiers will be held on May 23rd and 25th in the Play2Help Space on Challengermode where players can sign up to the qualifiers by paying an entry fee of any amount.

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation and Rise Against the Disorder. This tournament will see influencers streaming the event on their platforms to maximise the reach of the MHAM message.

Simona Dailidonyte, Product Marketing Manager at Challengermode said: “At Challengermode, we’re a part of gamers' everyday life and we want to use our position to raise awareness of mental health and well-being - particularly among the millions of young gamers that we reach every day. Our goal is to spread the message about mental health and how, if done right, gaming can help people who are dealing with mental disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD, and PTSD.

We’re proud to be raising awareness for mental health and raising funds for the Mental Health Foundation in their goal of creating a world of good mental health for all, and we look forward to learning from their considerable expertise when deciding how best we can help support player’s mental health in gaming and esports in the long term.”

Challengermode’s support for this year’s MHAM builds off of a strong traditional of the global esports platform providing a space for charitable events free of charge, such as the CompanyClash VALORANT tournament in support of Save The Children, and the Lucifer Esports Charity Cup in aid of AbleGamers. Challengermode has previously also supported SpecialEffect on the organisation’s CS:GO charity tournament.