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FRX Innovations’ Nofia Sustainable Green Flame Retardants Outperforms Legacy Flame Retardants in High Growth Lithium-Ion Battery Application

  • Thursday, May 26, 2022, 11:28 am
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
FRX Innovations (TSXV:FRXI) is pleased to announce that its Nofia® flame retardant has been selected for its high performance level as well as its sustainability attributes in lithium-ion battery casings. Notoxicom® products, powered by Nofia®, were developed by Polymer Compounders Ltd of the UK and chosen by battery producer Super B of the Netherlands, for its new category of lithium-ion batteries. Nofia® has recently received green certifications from the ChemForward, Green Screen and TCO organizations, which provide customers and brand owners alike, the assurance that they need not compromise on environmental safety to achieve fire safety, all the while achieving performance levels not previously possible with legacy flame retardants.

The parties involved in this groundbreaking innovation provided additional details as follows:

(1) Super B, part of the clean energy conglomerate Koolen Industries, announced that its new lithium iron phosphate battery uses the recently launched Notoxicom® grade of FR PC/ABS developed by Polymer Compounders Limited (UK).

(2) Marten Zilvold, Product Manager at Super B, explained that, “This new development of our already successful battery range will add further to its green credentials and contribute to the continuing growth in applications such as power sports, marine, industrial and other recreational.”

The new Super B battery cases have been developed with partners Kedu Polymers Industries BV, Klein Mechaniek BV (Toolmaker/Moulder) and Super B (OEM) utilizing the Moldex flow simulation software. The software was fed with measured data characterizing the excellent processing performance of Notoxicom®, and the design was then optimized for the best characteristics of Notoxicom®, i.e. broad temperature processing range in combination with excellent flow. The resulting lower pressures in the tool allowed the use of only one hot runner, whereas two hot runners were needed with standard FR PC/ABS.

Stephen Blair, Technical Manager at Polymer Compounders Limited, explained that this was precisely the type of sustainability-focused application that Notoxicom® is targeted at, “We could not be more excited at this development. Notoxicom® advances the design space where non-Halogen FR PC/ABS or FR PC/ASA can be used. Its HDT is typically 25C to 30C higher than comparable grades of FR PC/ABS, and it is firmly targeted at existing applications of ABS containing brominated flame retardants, which are being threatened in some uses by new EcoDesign regulations soon to be implemented across the EU and in other examples being deselected by ESG focused OEMs.” Further information about Notoxicom® can be found here:

Marc Lebel, CEO of FRX Innovations said, “This development is fully aligned with our strategy of disrupting segments of the flame retardant polymer industry sensitive to the sustainability demands of OEM’s, regulatory bodies and Green NGOs, all the while delivering performance levels not possible with legacy flame retardant products.” These include applications in electric vehicles, medical equipment, and consumer electronics. All FRX’s flame retardants are polymers and contain no halogens.