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Avalue Debuts BMX-T550, an Industrial Control Barebone System Designed for Automation

  • Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 10:58 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. As industrialization intensifies, demand for computing performance and durability has become increasingly more exacting. Avalue recently released industrial-grade desktop barebone system BMX-T550. Compact and high performance, it adheres to stringent industrial-grade inspection standard to ensure system stability and reliability. It is also highly expandable and customizable, and available in two specifications, i.e. with chassis and barebone system, making it a user-oriented industrial-grade solution. Having a wide range of applications, BMX-T550 can be used for large-screen digital signage and high precision applications. When video capture card is inserted in the expansion slot, it is suitable for use in medical image analysis and diagnosis; when EtherCAT is inserted, it boosts production line efficiency and improves synchronous control. BMX-T550 is also targeted at machine automation, production line automation, machine vision, robotic arm, industrial equipment manufacturing and general industrial applications.

- Available in desk chassis and barebone system, provide excellent expandability

Depending on the customer’s budget and assembly requirements, BMX-T550 is available in two specifications, i.e. desk chassis and barebone system. Desk chassis supports Mini-ITX motherboard and is suitable for end customers with assembly ability while barebone system is pre-built with H310 chipset, Intel® 8th/9th-generation Coffee Lake processor, Intel® UHD 610/630 graphics card, and two memory slots (maximum 64GB DDR4 2666), making it the ideal turnkey chassis solution. Other than these differences, both are identical in their configurations. Their front I/O interface has a LED power button, data access LED indicator and two USB 2.0 slots; and storage device at the back includes two 2.5-inch external hard disks and various I/O connectors that are closely grouped together. Highly flexible and expandable, BMX-T550 is equipped with I/O shield and a PCIe x 16 expansion slot, reserving more room for adjustment.

As BMX-T550 supports full-height PCIe x 16 expansion slot, inserting a video capture card aids in entry-level medical image analysis and diagnosis, e.g. X-ray and cervical cancer or osteoporosis imaging. While most EtherCAT card uses USB interface, Avalue’s PCIe interface greatly enhances EtherCAT performance. Combined with Avalue’s EtherCAT card, the BMX-T550 ensures the delivery of all-round EtherCAT solutions with more efficient integration and better customization experience that specifically target industrial automation.

- Complete customization services

Besides providing case-specific integrated planning and proposal service, and fair and reasonable price quotation, with regard to the integratability and compatibility of specifications, such as CPU and memory, Avalue also provides three types of customization service for industrial-grade barebone system BMX-T550, which aims to create unique solutions designed for smart factories. Firstly, in terms of hardware, any structural addition or reduction, I/O replacement, change from com port to USB, or logo change, is fully customizable. In terms of software, Avalue can help to install and integrate any hardware or software if end customer has specific BIOS or image software requirements. Finally, in terms of production line customization, Avalue provides considerate and complete one-stop services whether it is specific testing process, manufacturing tools, or customized certifications (e.g. medical-grade power supply).

- High reliability and stability, compliant with stringent industrial standards

Given that safety and stability are imperative to the industrial control market, Avalue adopts the most stringent standard in design and production when it comes to the quality requirements and testing process for industrial systems. Industrial-grade expandable barebone system BMX-T550 is highly stable and reliable, CE and FCC certified, and has passed 10G impact test and 2G vibration test. It operates uninterrupted even in harsh environments and has a 7-10 years product lifespan. Suitable for use in POS, transportation and interactive kiosk, it is an excellent fit for precision-oriented industrial automation when integrated with EtherCAT.

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