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OPEN MIND Presents hyperMILL MEDICAL Solutions

  • Thursday, August 4, 2022, 6:40 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
OPEN MIND Technologies AG offers hyperMILL® MEDICAL Solutions for companies that handle demanding machining tasks for the medical industry. Manufacturers of implants and bone plates in various standard sizes benefit in particular from automated CAM programming. Optimized toolpaths protect machines and tools, enable safe and efficient processes, and ensure high surface qualities.

Bone plates made of titanium, intervertebral implants made of PEEK, forged dies for the production of hip stems, knee prosthesis sliding components made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene... Despite the diverse range of shapes and materials, what most machining tasks have in common is a high level of complexity. As one of the leading CAM systems for 5-axis machining, hyperMILL® has made a name for itself in programming efficient toolpaths for implants and other medical engineering products. When it comes to producing high-quality surfaces with minimum need for finishing, OPEN MIND offers optimized finishing strategies that ensure, for example, perfect transitions between different sections.

Tools and toolpaths

A key feature of hyperMILL® MEDICAL Solutions is its powerful tool database with interfaces to catalogs from renowned tool manufacturers. Special tools can also be mapped in the tool database. Materials suitable for medical applications – be it titanium, cobalt-chromium alloys, or temperature-sensitive plastics such as UHMWPE – are usually difficult to machine. It is therefore important to select suitable tools and cutting parameters and to account for these when programming the toolpaths with 2.5D, 3D, or 5-axis strategies.

Automated programming

hyperMILL® MEDICAL Solutions shines when it comes to accommodating the need for patient-specific adjustments, the various standard sizes and part families, as well as the associated automation of NC code generation. The hyperMILL® AUTOMATION Center allows users to define and standardize CAD/CAM processes. This includes the specification of steps for data preparation and programming, right up to simulation and NC program generation. Once this has been done, the process is deployed and carried out on new components automatically. This makes it possible to automatically prepare and program machining projects. Automation can be learned by any CAM user with ease, but OPEN MIND also offers support for the automation of CAD/CAM processes. Numerous satisfied customers of automation projects can testify to the solution’s enormous potential for saving time.

Users in medical technology who already use hyperMILL® greatly appreciate the CAD/CAM suite. As Frank Fedtke, a CAM expert at Aesculap AG in south-west Germany, puts it: “Aesculap opted for hyperMILL® in 2008 with the aim of further increasing productivity. We needed to speed up the process of bringing NC programs to the machines as well as making them more reliable. Processing times had to be reduced while maintaining the same level of quality. Thanks to hyperMILL®, we were able to achieve these goals very quickly.”