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Netmarble Games 'TERA M' Media Showcase

  • Friday, October 27, 2017, 9:13 am
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
On September 8, Netmarble Games held "TERA M" media showcase at Glad Hotel in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

The event was held to introduce the features of the new mobile game "TERA M", which is being prepared for service at Netmarble Games, and was attended by representatives including Baek Young-hoon, vice president of Netmarble Games business strategy, and Park Jin-seok, CEO of Bluehole Squall.

Beak Young-hoon, vice president of Netmarble Games, who led the event, said, "I am pleased to introduce the mobile version of the PC MMORPG masterpiece, 'TERA', at today's event. Netmarble Games is confident of providing a new MMORPG experience through synergy with its developer, Bluehole Squall."
Park Jin-seok, CEO of Bluehole Squall, also commented, "We are glad to be able to show good works thanks to the interest of many people. We have been keenly prepared and there are still many excursions. I would like you to enjoy our 'TERA M'."

▲ 'TERA M' media showcase was held.

▲ Beak Young-hoon, vice president of Netmarble Games, said, "We are confident that we will provide a new MMORPG experience."

▲ Park Jin-seok, CEO of Bluehole Squall, commented "We are glad that we can show good works thanks to the interest of many people."

'TERA M' is a mobile game using IP(Intellectual Property Rights) of Bluehole's MMORPG 'TERA' PC version and is being developed by Bluehole Squall, a subsidiary of Bluehole. The game is set in Arborea of about 1,000 years ago in the original game, and contains the journey of the independent forces against the divine empire built by the giants.

By featuring acclaimed characters and graphics in the original version, 'TERA', and a vast worldview and combo action that use a linker in a non-targeting situation, 'TERA M' aims to let users enjoy elements and emotions from the original game at the mobile environment.

On top of that, a party play based on characters from various roles such as tankers, dealers, and healers and a scenario set in the original game's age of 1,000 years ago will provide the fun of authentic MMORPG.

There are 6 characters in the initial character of TERA M; Elin priest, 'Lina Elin', which helps to maintain stable party play through recovery skill and ultimate skill with strong resilience, Aman lancer, 'Orlender Turcan', which takes a charge of a tanker with high stamina and defense power, Popori Alchemist, 'Labreng', which can strategically use a special passive to strengthen the skills, Human Brawler, 'Sol Walker', which can maintain a stylish battle using connection skills, Elf Archer 'Libellia Kubel', which can battle at the safe distance where enemies cannot reach, and Human Slayer, 'Rein Rolf', which can quickly combat with high damage to enemies.

One of the advantages of 'TERA M' is that it allows users to enjoy strategic contents, such as large-scale field, raid where attacking boss through party play is the key, PvP mode that can be implemented in various ways such as field of honor, battlefield, or guild battle, and various party dungeons, that can be experienced in PC MMORPG.

▲ It is a mobile game that used IP of popular online game 'TERA'.

▲ Combo action using the connection skills makes you feel the taste of the hand.

About TERA M's service schedule, Netmarble Games announced that it will start pre-registration from September 8, and will launch services through Google Play Store and Apple App Store in November. All users participating in pre-registration will receive 1,000 Red Gems, a game item, and various events will be held to provide various gifts including game items by first-come first-served or randomly picking.

At the same time, the page for preoccupying the server and character name will be also opened, so that the benefit of using the preoccupied character name at the chosen server by a user will be provided when the official service is opened.

▲ Pre-registration will start on September 8 and open the service in November.