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Help Save Our Immortal Hero in “Mission to Wake the Monkey God Hanuman” Adventure

  • Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 5:44 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Glom Immersive Theatre join hands with INGROUP ASIA, invite all youngsters and their families to participate in a unique adventure, a “Mission to Join the Monkey Guards and Wake the Monkey God Hanuman,” at Dream Space Gallery, Chiang Mai, from August 27th. Admission is free through RSVP.

InGroup Asia Co., Ltd., (INGROUP ASIA) together with Glom Immersive Theatre and Dream Space Gallery, today announced a new, immersive, children’s theatre performance and invited all children to come and join in the show. Kids in the audience will participate in the experience, joining the Monkey Guards and entering the rainforest through the mouth of the Hanuman statue. They will be greeted by their guide, the wise Sage. The youngsters’ task is to enlist the help of the beautiful singing Mermaid and the Pink Monkey, find a way through the miraculous magical maze and then wake the sleeping Hanuman. The staging techniques are stunning, bringing the mysterious jungle world to life and unleashing children’s imagination, as they will be working together with their monkey friends in the adventure.

“Wake Up, Hanuman!” is a new attempt unveiled by Glom Immersive Theatre founded in Chiang Mai, which aims to promote the development of children and youth through fun activities, developing their creativity, inspiring them and instilling a greater understanding of different cultures and identities.

The Glom Immersive Theatre creative team & INGROUP ASIA have invested hundreds of hours and a considerable budget- brainstorming and developing the ideas for more than 5 months-to bring to life this adventure of Hanuman, inspired by tales from the Ramayana

Whilst each show has a similar structure, every turn can be a totally different immersive experience. It’s an amazing and captivating spectacle, happening not just on one stage, but through audience’s interaction. Imagine special effects, fantastic props, impressive sets, and surprises at every step. Playing with magic potions, hidden codes, lightning bugs and enchanted trees – it’s a dream for every child (and a lot of adults!). Not to mention the costumes, the lighting, music, sounds and even smell – it’s multisensory, as well as multicultural! We hope to continue creating original and creative variety of immersive contents for both children and adults – and keep thrilling them for the years to come!

Through collaboration with local artists, including the making of Hanuman Statue, rock sculpture, tree installations and projection set up, all the creative sets have been fashioned to express their vision of bringing together the creative community of Chiang Mai to produce a unique, stimulating and rewarding event, that entrances children and adults alike. The whole design is also environmental friendly, mainly using paper art with bamboo being used in both scaffolding and set design, reflecting “nature and protecting the forests” as one of the themes of the production.

“Wake Up, Hanuman!” will be available in 3 consecutive weekends: August 27th and 28th, September 3rd and 4th and September 10th and 11th, at Dream Space Gallery, Chiang Mai. The show duration is approximately 45 minutes each time, with 4 shows per day (14:00 / 15:15 / 17:00 / 18:15). Admission is free, as part of our contribution to the community, but places are strictly limited for each performance for the best experience, so an RSVP is required. Please contact 064 018 2233