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The 4th Asia Contents Awards (ACA) to be Held

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 2:37 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) 2022 is set to host the ‘Asia Contents Awards (ACA)’ this coming October 8 (Sat) at the BIFF Theater in the Busan Cinema Center.

The Asia Contents Awards (ACA), which was established in 2019 to award outstanding TV, OTT, and online content from Korea and Asia, celebrates its fourth year. ACA 2022, co-hosted by the Asian Contents & Film Market (ACFM) and COMPOSE COFFEE, will make a spectacular comeback as an award ceremony by laying out the red carpet and hosting live performances.

The 4th ACA will be hosted by actor Jung Haein, and Kim Saeyeon, who won the title of Miss Korea in 2019. Jung Haein has demonstrated a range of charms with his thorough and immersive acting in both film and drama series as well as also being a model for COMPOSE COFFEE. He is revisiting the Busan International Film Festival for the first time in three years for his performance in Connect (2022), a selection invited to the On Screen section, and for his hosting of ACA 2022. Kim Saeyeon, who has been the host since the 1st ACA, will once again lead the ACA event this year with her skillful emceeing talents. The refreshing and dynamic collaboration of these two hosts further heightens expectations for ACA 2022.

Directors and actors of nominated works will attend the red carpet ceremony, which will start at 16:00 (KST). Starting with the opening performance, 12 award categories, including the Best Writer Award, the Best Creator Award, the ACA Excellence Award, the Best Actor Award, and the Best Content Award, will be presented.

In addition, an extravagant lineup of special performances will welcome the audience as the on-site audience seats are now available for the first time in three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The opening performance will be by soul maestro and saxophonist, Danny Jung. There will also be special performances given by Golden Child, the boy band that caught the attention of global fans with their perfected choreographic performance, and NiziU, the girl group that swept the awards in Japan after setting the record as the No. 1 of Japan’s Oricon Chart. Following the awards ceremony, there will be a networking party ‘PGK Night with Asia Contents Awards’ attended by industry professionals, ceremony hosts, award winners, nominees and other main guests of the festival.

While ACA 2022 will meet the audience for the first time in three years since the pandemic, there will also be live online streaming available to accommodate the Korean and international audiences, who wish to attend either online or on-site. The live streaming will be available on October 8 (Sat), beginning at 16:30 (KST) via the Busan International Film Festival’s official YouTube channel and Japan’s PIA LIVE STREAM.

Tickets for ACA 2022 will be available starting September 23 (Fri) at 14:00 (KST) on the Busan International Film Festival’s official website (

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