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PDOT to hold 2017 Philippines Sales Mission

  • Thursday, November 9, 2017, 8:03 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Director Maria Apo, announced that PDOT( will be holding its ‘2017 Philippines Sales Mission’ at the Crystal Ballroom of the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on 14th November.

The Philippine Sales Mission is a one-on-one meeting with representatives of local tourism agencies, airlines, hotels and resorts in different parts of the Philippines to create practical business opportunities through consultation with hotel and travel agents in Korea.

In addition, 50 sellers from the Philippines representing the tourism industry are participating in this event and will introduce various tourism products of each region in the Philippines. Especially, the new tourist attractions, hotels and activities, are expected to greatly expand its partnership with Korean tourism companies.

Beginning at 1:30 pm, this Philippine briefing program begins with a '1: 1 business meeting' between the Philippines and Korean tour operators. A large number of Philippine travel agents will arrange counseling tables so that Korean tour operators can visit the area and search for tourist products they are interested in and make a 1: 1 consultation. In terms of travel agencies in Korea, it will be a very good business opportunity to meet with travel agents in all parts of the Philippines to get enough information, to make concrete business negotiations and to sign contracts on the spot.

From 6pm, it will be a time of exchange for tour operators and journalists in Korea and the Philippine. The time of the exchange will be an opportunity for Korean and Philippine partners to enjoy the dinner and the performance at a table and have a conversation. The dinner and performances are designed to be a special experience with the concept of Christmas, the biggest holiday in the Philippines. The show will be the stage performs by six popular Filipino young fusion musicians. Lastly, the prize draw will be sponsored by Cebu Pacific, a reasonably priced Philippine Airlines company, and will provide a rich gift to the participants.

“This event is meaningful in that we will bring Korea’s tourism representatives to meet local Philippine companies and showcase the appeal of Philippine tourism which recently have been recognized to have world’s best islands. In particular, we prepared a win-win partnership with representatives of the Korean tourism industry and a briefing session to create the maximum business opportunities based on it.” Said the director of PDOT Korea, Maria Apo