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Believe it or not, it’s Hong Kong! HKTB launches Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors Campaign

  • Monday, November 20, 2017, 7:38 pm
  • ACROFAN=Jae-Yong Ryu
Hong Kong may be known as a modern and cosmopolitan city, famous for its myriad skyscrapers, shopping destinations and dining hotspots more than anything else, but visitors will get to experience a completely different and organic side of the city through the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s (HKTB) upcoming Great Outdoors campaign.

Believe it or not, it’s Hong Kong!

Visitors will get a glimpse of Hong Kong that is so far removed from its buzzing urban centre image that it might be hard for some to believe that yes, indeed, everything they see is really located in Hong Kong. Think of star-filled skies on a remote island; a sea of clouds on a tranquil mountaintop; a stunning sunrise on a majestic peak; endless swathes of greenery and country parks — the list goes on.

To achieve this mission, the HKTB has engaged talented local photographers who have captured some of the captivating landscapes in the city to display their awe-inspiring works across all HKTB channels and platforms. Among the participants are landscape photographer and winner of Hong Kong National Geographic’s Photo Contest 2013, Will Cho; veteran outdoor sports photographer Elvis Mo; Nature Conservancy 2017 photo contest winner Jessica Li; and renowned photographer Romain Jacquet Lagreze, who is best-known for his “Vertical Horizon” photo series, showcasing the geometric lines of Hong Kong.

Moreover, visitors will now get to see Hong Kong as a spectacular, nature-filled geological wonderland by following Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong, recently published by the HKTB.

The guide takes readers into a diverse range of nature trails, which show another side of Hong Kong – a beautiful hiker’s paradise. The trails are all just an hour or two from the city centre, making them easily accessible to novices and professionals alike. Just a taxi or MTR ride away, the green, rolling hills, gorgeous beaches and scenic villages quickly replace the bustling urban area that visitors are most familiar with.

The guide is divided into three different themes: Hiking in Heritage; Picture-Perfect Vistas; and Geological Wonders. Under each section are suggested trails that suit the theme, along with the time needed for completion and difficulty level. The guide also features a few cycling trails for those who are keen to explore the city from another perspective.

Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong will be available from November 2017 at HKTB visitor centres around the city. An e-version will also be available for download at

More about the guide

Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong is divided into three different themes.

The Hiking in Heritage section includes the Land of Legend trail, which takes hikers through Plover Cove Country Park, from a hauntingly beautiful stream and waterfall network known as Bride’s Pool to traditional Hakka villages, like Sam A and Wu Kau Tang. The trails educate visitors on the rich history and culture of rural Hong Kong, while they admire the surrounding landscape.

In the Picture-Perfect Vistas section, photography lovers will be wowed by routes like the Magnificent Landscapes trail, which takes them up the 869-metre Sunset Peak (so-named for its glorious views of the setting sun) and the remote and romantic Silvermine Bay Beach, through plenty of breath-taking scenery along the way.

The Geological Wonders section includes protected UNESCO heritage sites. For example, the Geological Treasure Hunt takes hikers around Hong Kong’s easternmost island, Tung Ping Chau, with views of its otherworldly multi-layered rock formations and abundant wildlife.