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[KITA KGSF 2017] 2017 Startup Challenge Platform Demo Day Scene Sketch

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2017, 11:16 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
On November 28, ‘10th Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2017' was held at COEX D Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The ‘10th Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2017', which will be held until the November 29th, will connect Korean with overseas and regional large distribution corporations, manufacturing companies, and consumer goods import vendors for both on-line and off-line to support the export of domestic products through a large global distribution network.

The event, which will be held for the 10th time since 2008, is sponsored by Korea International Trade Association (KITA), sponsored by Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups and KB Kookmin Bank. In this event, 140 foreign big buyers, 20 WTC member companies, 900 domestic export companies and 100 PPL companies participate in consultation activities and incidental events.

'2017 Startup Challenge Platform Demo Day', an incidental event of ‘10th Korea Grand Sourcing Fair 2017', is an exhibition as well as demo day of '6-month Challenge Platform' progressed by Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation. It is prepared by Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation to raise the opportunities of investment and business linkage by informing the accomplishments of the startups that were fostered through the project period to private accelerator and investing institutions.

A total of 19 companies selected through the recruitment of participating companies participated in the event. Targeting domestic angel investors, accelerators, and VCs, incidental events including "Company IR", in which six companies conduct their own IR, "Selected prototype exhibition", which discloses the products produced as a result of the performance, "Startup representative lecture", which presents success stories of excellent startup representatives among graduate companies, and "Networking", held for exchanges among attendees such as selected company representatives, accelerators, investors, center employees, and visiting buyers.

Song Yong-jun, general manager of Foundation Fostering Division in Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, said, "We would like to thank all the companies and participants who participated in this event. So far, we have been doing business for three years and many graduate companies have been born. We will keep supporting and informing connected business so that the graduate companies can make better results in the future." He also said, "We look forward to continuing our relationship and growing together, and we hope for efforts to the participating companies to grow together with a sense of responsibility.

▲ '2017 Startup Challenge Platform Demo Day' was held.

▲ Song Yong-jun, general manager of Foundation Fostering Division in Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, introduced the event.

▲ Six of the companies among selected companies from '6-month Challenge Platform' had time to introduce their products.

▲ After the introduction time, they answered the questions of the participants.

▲ A system of connected projects of '6-month Challenge Platform' was introduced.

▲ A lecture by a company representative who graduated from '6-month Challenge Platform' was also held.

▲ Performance of companies selected by '6-month Challenge Platform' was exhibited.

▲ In 'Networking' program, attendees, selected company officials and investors took time to interact.