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Hong Kong Ocean Park Korea Business Strategy Meeting

  • Tuesday, January 9, 2018, 10:51 pm
  • ACROFAN=Hyung-Keun Kim
Hong Kong Ocean Park, which is representing Hong Kong, held a meeting on the afternoon of November 1 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The meeting was organized to announce the upcoming winter season events and future plans of Hong Kong Ocean Park and business strategies for targeting the Korean market. CEO Matthias Li, Vivian Lee, a manager of business development and education, and Amy Lee, a representative of Korea business department, from Hong Kong Ocean Park attended the meeting.

Matthias Li, CEO of Hong Kong Ocean Park said, “Korea has always been an important market for Hong Kong Ocean Park, so we will be offering a variety of exclusive discounts and promotions next year. Hong Kong Ocean Park will also provide more special experience for Korean visitors, especially young visitors, through communication improvement with social media and customized events only for the Korean market.” He also said, “Hong Kong Ocean Park is developing two hotels and a water park that can be enjoyed throughout the year to become a premier international complex resort that offers a variety of accommodation and facilities for visitors to the world. I would like to ask for your continued interest and support to Hong Kong Ocean Park.”

▲ CEO Matthias Li said, “Hong Kong Ocean Park will provide special experience for Korean visitors, especially young visitors.”

From December 11, 2017 to January 1, 2018, Hong Kong Ocean Park will hold the largest ‘Christmas Sensation’ event. The event will feature a Christmas market, a street parade, and a Christmas chorus, singing chorale in front of a large Christmas tree. Visitors will be able to take pictures with the beautiful backdrop of the garden and spend an unforgettable winter. They can also feel the atmosphere with wonderful Christmas festival food and VR experience at the prepared thrilling rides.

If you visit Ocean Park during the winter season, you can participate in photo events organized by Ocean Park. You can enjoy the event, which runs from December 18, 2017 through January 1, 2018, by visiting Ocean Park and uploading photos of recommended places and enjoyable memories to Facebook and Instagram. Winners will be presented with a mobile photo printer and an admission ticket for Ocean Park.

Moreover, Hong Kong Ocean Park is currently developing two new hotels. 'Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel' will open in 2018 and 'Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong' will open in 2021. In addition to the hotels, "Water World" Water Park, which will be available throughout the year, is scheduled to open in 2019. The water world is more than 693,000 square feet and consists of an outdoor pool and playground that fits perfectly with the surrounding natural environment.

▲ It was emphasized that the Ocean Park is conveniently accessible via the MTR 'Ocean Park Station'.

▲ Various events are held in winter.

On the other hand, excluding the Chinese on FY2016/17, 10% of overseas visitors to Hong Kong Ocean Park were announced as Koreans.

Hong Kong Ocean Park has also partnered with airlines and theme parks in Korea to offer discount promotions for Korean visitors this winter season. It offers a variety of benefits to customers purchasing admission tickets from travel agencies affiliated with Hong Kong Ocean Park. In this promotion, when purchasing two tickets, one of them is offered at a 50% discount, and when purchasing three tickets, one additional ticket is offered free of charge. Discount packages are also available on Cathay Pacific.

On top of that, visitors who have tickets for Everland Resort, Caribbean Bay, Lotte World Adventure, or annual membership and employee ID cards can get a 15% or 20% off for Hong Kong Ocean Park general admission ticket.

In addition, the Hong Kong Ocean Park will showcase Korean marketing with the theme of 'Unexpected Journey'. It is aimed at targeting young Korean travelers by mainly positioning Hong Kong Ocean Park in the Korean market as an 'all-in-one' theme park where visitors can enjoy a “fun-tastic” experience. The campaign will feature various aspects of Hong Kong Ocean Park, including panoramic views of southern Hong Kong, unique and thrilling rides, animal exhibitions and local food.

To do this, Hong Kong Ocean Park has unveiled four Hong Kong Ocean Park intro videos with Kim Jae Woo, who is a comedian famous for his witty SNS posting and a sense of humor. The three campaign videos have exceeded 660,000 views in just three weeks, and they can be viewed on the Ocean Park Facebook page.

▲ Hong Kong Ocean Park released four intro videos with comedian Kim Jae Woo.