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Tokyo based Hip hop artist, Wez Atlas has released his 2nd mini album called “This Too Shall Pass”

  • Thursday, March 23, 2023, 6:57 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
 Wez Atlas has released their 2nd mini album called, “This Too Shall Pass”.

The title, “This Too Shall Pass” literally means that current situations and things won’t last forever and will pass with time, and it shows how Wez has grown recently as a person. The theme of his last album, “Chicken Soup For One”, was all about “the troubled matters in daily life” and “healing through music”. This same theme has gotten much deeper and more developed.

There are many unique, highly talented creators involved in making this new album.

These creators include VivaOla, Kota Matsukawa, starRo, nonomi and uin. VivaOla is his best friend and producer. Kota Matsukawa runs the creative label w.o.u and also produces Salasa. starRo is a Grammy award nominee. nonomi is a backing DJ at Wez’s life performance. uin produced Skaai.

Please check their skilful rap music on the various tracks which are written in Japanese and English accordingly.

Wez has been very active in 2022 as he released 5 singles and joined 6 works from other artists who are from inside and outside of Japan as a featuring artist. He has gained many playlist covers on Spotify. He is going to has just joined the event SXSW 2023 and his preceding single “Damn!” was selected for the Spotify official playlist “New Music Friday” in Asian countries.

Wez is the one of a new generation of rappers who are expanding their stage worldwide.

[ Wez Comments from Wez Atlas ]

My 2nd mini-album “This Too Shall Pass” is finally out!! This was another very personal project for me following Chicken Soup For One, and it feels like a good ending to that chapter of my life. I struggled, lamented, and overcame. I feel ready now to take on the next chapter. Life’s a game, Ima get up and play it!!!

Huge thanks to VivaOla, Kota Matsukawa, starRo, nonomi, uin, Shiota Hiroshi (Salt Field Mastering), Kazumi Watanabe, Misato Iwamoto, Daisuke Taira, Kyoko Utsue, Shogo Kikuta, and everyone else that brought this project together with me!

[ The information about the release ]

Artist: Wez Atlas

“This Too Shall Pass”

Title: This Too Shall Pass
Release: 2023.3.15
Format: Digital

1. Life’s A Game(Prod byVivaOla/ Kota Matsukawa)
2. Damn!(Prod bystarRo)
3. Dandelion(Prod bystarRo)
4. Go Round(Prod bynonomi)
5. Cul-de-sac(Prod bynonomi)
6. It Is What It Is(Prod byVivaOla/ Kota Matsukawa)
7. Me Today(Prod byuin)

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