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Start a Tour in Hainan - Promotion of Chinese Hainan Tourism Culture Week (Singapore) held

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 3:04 pm
  • ACROFAN=PRNewswire

On the first day of resumption of Hainan's entry without a visa, Hainan promotes the advantages and resources of its tourism culture in Singapore.

HAIKOU, China, March 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 15th, the first day of the Hainan Entry-Free Policy, Hainan-Singapore two places welcomed the return flight on the same day, and the "Exploring Hainan, Starting from 'Xin'- China Hainan Tourism and Culture Promotion Week" hosted by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio, Sports and Broadcasting was officially opened in Singapore's Yifeng City.

This event is also the first large-scale international tourism and cultural promotion and exchange event held in Hainan after the epidemic. Hainan Yunyou Culture Communication Co., Ltd. responded positively to show Hainan's promotion of tourism and cultural advantages and resources to Singapore.

Carefully set the "Chicken", and ignite the heat value of the scene

When it comes to Hainan, what would you think of? What is your impression of Hainan? At around 17 o'clock on the day of the opening ceremony, many Singaporeans expressed their impression of Hainan through the Singapore street interview video played. Singaporean Chia Hui told the crew that he was a Chinese fan, although he had never been to Hainan, but he liked to eat Hainan chicken rice, and hoped to travel to Hainan one day to taste the authentic Hainan cuisine.

"Hainan chicken rice" was used as a medium, and the "Hainan Invites You to Eat Chicken" Hainan chicken rice theme activity was welcomed by the local people. The "Hainan chicken rice" with the symbol of Chinese cuisine originated in Hainan and arrived in Southeast Asia with the footsteps of Hainan people who went to do business in the South Ocean hundreds of years ago. With this good fortune, Singaporeans are full of kindness to the "Hainan chicken rice" from Hainan. At the "Hainan Invites You to Eat Chicken" Hainan Chicken Rice Theme Food Zone, Hainan chefs presented their skills in the form of Hainan chicken rice, providing the local tourists and citizens of Singapore with authentic Hainan chicken rice delicacies and gaining unanimous praise from the audience. At the same time, the local people were also very fond of the Hainan specialties such as coconut rice and coconut cakes, which were in great demand.

The scene was filled with laughter. The Hainan tourism culture interactive game attracted the enthusiastic participation of Singapore citizens and tourists, and many people won Chinese fan, Hainan Li Jin fragrant bag, coconut oil paste and other Hainan tourism culture special gifts through the questions. The game let the audience learn more about Hainan.

The promotion week also specially set up a lucky prize of a "Singapore-Hainan" round-trip ticket provided by Hainan United Air Travel Group. Singapore citizens and tourists participated online and offline, and the lucky winner was drawn during the promotion week.

Four major sections, releasing Hainan's "Gravitational Wave"

This promotion event was rich in content and full of highlights. There were four exhibition sections on the spot: "Hainan Invites You to Eat Chicken" Hainan Chicken Rice Theme Food Zone, Hainan Intangible Cultural Heritage Performance Zone, "Vibrant Hainan" Sports + Tourism Zone and Hainan Tourism Culture Display Zone. Singaporeans can here experience Hainan chicken rice, feel the Hainan intangible cultural heritage such as Qin Opera, Bamboo Pole Dance, Li Miao costumes, taste the coastal vacation, beach surfing, golf, etc., understand New Hainan through beautiful pictures and quality tourism products. They can also learn more about Hainan tourism culture and resumption of tourism products through the Hainan route product publicity and consultation service area and the Hainan city and county tourism culture video broadcast area. These fascinating on-site activities attracted many viewers to stay and watch or experience, won the high praise of people from all walks of life in Singapore, and also aroused the enthusiasm of Singaporeans to travel to Hainan.

The news of the resumption of Hainan-Haikou International Airline and the visa-free entry to Hainan has excited the on-site citizens, and there are many people consulting about the travel and vacation in Hainan. It is reported that Singapore is an international financial center and an important service and aviation hub in Asia. The opening of the Haikou-Singapore, Haikou-Phnom Penh and Haikou-Bangkok routes will further promote the exchange and cooperation between Hainan and the countries in Southeast Asia and promote the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port. In the future, Hainan will make full use of the advantages of China's huge destination market, short-haul direct flights and visa-free entry to 59 countries to play the role of hub and launch "one-stop multiple stops" tourism products, such as Chinese tourists transiting through Hainan to Southeast Asian countries and world tourists transiting through Hainan to other tourism destinations in China, and share tourist sources with other countries, promote cultural exchanges and tourism exchanges.