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Be there for your little one at every moment with Arlo

  • Thursday, March 30, 2023, 12:18 pm
  • ACROFAN=Newswire
Parents with small children understand all too well the anxiety every time something calls your attention away from your little one. Yet, work, social obligations, errands and a million other responsibilities mean sometimes you have to reluctantly leave your baby in someone else's care.

For concerned parents out there, Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera will bring you the much needed peace of mind, acting as an extra pair of eyes that lets you watch and even interact with your baby from afar at any time of the day. You'll never miss a moment with your little one again!

Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera

The Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera is the ideal monitoring solution for any room inside your home, connecting directly to Wi-Fi to deliver 1080p HD video with a 130-degree diagonal field-of-view. Even at night, you can rest easy knowing the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera captures video with Night Vision that turns on automatically once it's dark. The capable camera also comes with motion and audio detection that sends alerts directly to your phone, and full-duplex audio that allows you to communicate two-way with your baby. Having privacy concerns over having a security camera indoor? You can easily activate the privacy shield on the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera to cover the camera lens whenever you want to stop recording.

Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera: SGD169 (RP: SGD209)

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