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Vestas extends O&M service contract with availability guarantee for Eurus Energy's wind farm in Operation for more than 20 years

  • Thursday, March 30, 2023, 6:59 pm

SINGAPORE, March 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Vestas Japan has renewed the operation and maintenance (O&M) service contract with Eurus Energy Holdings for Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm in Kazuno city, Akita prefecture, Japan.

Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm (Courtesy of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation)
Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm (Courtesy of Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation)

Equipped with 9 units of Vestas V52-850 kW, Eurus Tashirotai Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 7,650 kW and started operation on November 2002. Vestas has been providing the wind farm with AOM4000 O&M service contract with availability guarantee since 2020. As the wind farm reached its 20 years of operation in 2022, Vestas conducted detailed inspections and necessary maintenance to continue efficient operation of wind turbines, and has extended AOM4000 O&M service contract for the wind farm until 2028, when the wind farm will reach its 26 years of operation.

"We are honoured that Eurus Energy Holdings highly evaluates our O&M technical capabilities and extended the service contract with us. We are confident that the extension of contract will contribute to the advancement and efficiency of Eurus Energy Holdings' wind farm operations through the effective use of existing wind turbine assets" said Ryotaro Sugiyama, Head of Service Japan.

"With a design lifetime of 20 years, each ageing wind turbine power plant is unique. If customers wish to operate longer than 20 years, Vestas will conduct detailed assessment of wind turbines and support customers to determine their future operational strategy for their plants, by leveraging our experience, technical expertise, and operational insights of servicing to 55,000 units or 144 GW turbines worldwide."

With 35 years of experience in optimizing turbine performance and effectiveness, Vestas will continue to be customers' wind turbine lifelong service partner, ensuring the efficient operation of their wind farms.

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Megumi Sakuma
Marketing & Communications Manager, Japan
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About Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation

Eurus Energy is a global company that has been consistently engaged in renewable energy power generation projects around the world for more than 30 years since it started its wind power generation business in California in 1987. It is also a leading company in the wind power generation industry in Japan, and currently operates wind and solar power generation businesses in 15 countries and regions around the world, with an installed capacity of 3,428 MW of power plants in operation.

About Vestas

Vestas is the energy industry's global partner on sustainable energy solutions. We design, manufacture, install, and service onshore and offshore wind turbines across the globe, and with more than 164 GW of wind turbines in 87 countries, we have installed more wind power than anyone else. Through our industry-leading smart data capabilities and unparalleled more than 144 GW of wind turbines under service, we use data to interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions. Together with our customers, Vestas' more than 28,000 employees are bringing the world sustainable energy solutions to power a bright future.

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