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Leading EdTech Provider ClassIn Showcases Hybrid Learning Solution at BETT Show 2023

  • Friday, March 31, 2023, 5:37 pm

LONDON, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ClassIn, the EdTech industry leader, wowed global educators with its revolutionary Hybrid Learning Solution at the British Educational Training and Technology Show (BETT) in London. At the world's largest education technology exhibition running from March 29th to March 31st, visitors praised the EdTech unicorn's one-stop-shop solution for virtual and hybrid learning, calling it "a powerful take on interactive learning environments."

Founded in 2014, ClassIn is a world leader in hybrid learning solutions. Committed to advancing education equity and incorporating beauty into daily teaching through the power of technology, ClassIn has developed a family of cutting-edge products, including ClassIn, the most powerful virtual classroom, TeacherIn, a courseware collaboration and publishing platform, and ClassIn X, an Internet of Things suite custom-made to transform the traditional, physical classroom into a digitized, intelligent one suitable for all modalities of hybrid and blended learning.

During the COVID pandemic, teachers and schools resorted to conferencing apps, created primarily for corporate settings, to deliver lessons, only to find them inadequate. Teachers faced low levels of student engagement, limited classroom privacy protection, and painful collaborative experiences due to the frequent use of screen sharing and non-native whiteboard tools. School leaders and administrators were disturbed by the inflexibility of scheduling, while students found reviewing lessons almost impossible because online lessons taught on conferencing apps are only recordable as bulky, local video files that consume too much data to view.

As schools adapt to the post-COVID era, where classes require extensive online-to-offline, in- and out-of-campus collaboration, ClassIn is the exceptional solution to consider. ClassIn 5.0, launched in February 2023, is built to handle virtual, hybrid, and blended modalities, and can rival any conferencing tool on livestream audio-visual capability. It can accommodate up to 2,000 students in one virtual classroom, enabling them to interact with one another in breakout rooms or over virtual lab kits, and allowing millions more learners to view the session livestream together.

With over 20 interactive teaching tools, ClassIn significantly improves engagement. With distributed server nodes in more than 200 locations worldwide, high latency is no longer a concern. The administration dashboard streamlines school management, enabling batch lesson planning and generating data-rich reports that reflect student participation during and after class. Automatic course recording and on-cloud playback make it possible for students to personalize their learning pathways. With 24/7 customer service on mainstream messaging apps, ClassIn users' learning never stops. Unlike conferencing solutions that primarily serve corporate clients, ClassIn's products are exclusively designed to serve learning-related needs.

ClassIn's BETT 2023 showcase impressed global educators with its hybrid classroom solution that facilitates a student-centered, competency-based learning experience. Visitors to the exhibition were pleased to discover that whatever their role in their institution, ClassIn is ready to assist and make a difference.

To date, ClassIn has been the preferred learning environment for more than 60,000 schools and training companies, serving over 50 million teachers and students from over 160 countries. It has consistently demonstrated explosive growth in China and Southeast Asia over the past decade and is now actively nurturing peer EdTech startups worldwide. LMS providers, curriculum publishers, assessment providers, elite universities, and K12 schools all consider ClassIn a reliable infrastructure-level partner. With its BETT 2023 debut, ClassIn has announced its greater, more global ambitions to empower education online.